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A Year in Space by George A. Spiteri Page 5            Titov                                                             Manarov Friday January 29th 1988 Titov and Manarov did astrophysical experiments studying Supernova 1987A in the large Magellanic Cloud. They used the Maria magnetic spectrometer to study high- energy particles in near-earth space and the planet’s radiation belts. The technological experiments for today were with the Korund device and aimed at obtaining semi- conductors with improved characteristics. Finally, the cosmonauts performed medical studies upon themselves including cardiovascular checks and teats of their reaction to dosed physical loads. Saturday January 30th and Sunday January 31st 1988 The crew did more astrophysical and technological experiments. However, the cosmonauts spent most of the weekend relaxing. Monday February 1st 1988 Today there were geophysical experiments and astrophysical observations plus some servicing and checking of unspecified equipment. Tuesday February 2nd 1988 More geophysical experiments and the crew conducted physical exercises. Wednesday February 3rd 1988 Astrophysical work and use of the Maria spectrometer. Thursday February 4th 1988 No bulletins were issued for this day. Friday February 5th 1988 Geophysical and medical experiments in addition to a series of experiments using the KFO-1 electronic photometer to study the brightness of stars as they meet the earth’s horizon. Saturday February 6th and Sunday February 7th 1988 More astrophysical observations with the Maria unit and earth resources studies also. Monday February 8th 1988 The cosmonauts checked the T.V. systems and conducted thorough medical checks on each other. Today was also a significant milestone as Mir has been continually manned for exactly a year. Tuesday February 9th 1988 Further checks of the systems were conducted. Wednesday February 10th 1988 A TV ‘bridge’ between Mir and the East German capital of East Berlin was formed. The two cosmonauts spoke to the "Rainbow" programme host Cosmonaut Sigmund Jahn. Thursday February 11th 1988 No reports were issued today. Friday February 12th 1988 The cosmonauts began preparations for an EVA. The purpose of this forthcoming spacewalk would be to replace a panel of the solar battery that was assembled by Romanenko and Laveikin last year. Apparently, the photo-electrical elements have exhausted their capacity. Saturday February 13th and Sunday February 14th 1988 This was the usual weekend-off for the cosmonauts. << Back to last Page       Next Page >>