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Jeff Dugdale's DigiDisplay Jeff Dugdale's Display Presentations as PDFs Jeff is making several of his display presentations available to anyone who is interested free of charge by digitising them. Over the last few years he has developed a capsule set of display presentations any four of which might be grouped to make up an evening’s display, as indeed they have already done at Philatelic Societies such as Moray, Inverness, Aberdeen, Falkirk and Edinburgh. Typically each display—carefully extracted from his much larger album collections—is between 30 and 40 A4 pages in length, lightly written up. A number of the displays have won awards at the Scottish Congress in Perth and at the British Thematic Association annual events at Ardingley in Sussex. Several have formed the bases of Jeff’s articles for STAMP Magazine. The current list available is given below and if you would like to see any of them please click the link below. DigiDisplay 50 yrs EVA DigiDisplay Apollo Other DigiDisplay Apollo XI DigiDisplay ASTP DigiDisplay China in Space DigiDisplay Constellations DigiDisplay Disasters DigiDisplay Gagarin DigiDisplay Gemini Project DigiDisplay Halley Comet DigiDisplay Intercosmos Manned DigiDisplay ISS DigiDisplay Mercury Prog DigiDisplay Salyut DigiDisplay Shuttle STS-1 to STS-51L DigiDisplay STS-26 to STS-71 DigiDisplay STS-70 to STS-100 DigiDisplay STS-104 to STS-135 DigiDisplay Skylab DigiDisplay Soyuz (Generation #1 and #2) DigiDisplay Soyuz MS (Gen #4-iv) DigiDisplay Soyuz TM (Generation #4) DigiDisplay Soyuz TMA (Gen #4-ii) DigiDisplay Soyuz TMA-M (Gen #4-iii) DigiDisplay Soyuz-T (Generation #3) DigiDisplay Vostok 2-Voskhod 2 Click this link to see them all
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