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Georgi Grechko (Patron) Page 1     Page 2     Page 3     Page 4     Page 5 On the 4th March Romanenko and Grechko exceeded the duration record (of 84 days) set by Skylab. Romanenko and Grechko prepared for their return by starting to mothball the Salyut 6 equipment at the same time increasing their own exercise programme so that their bodies might be prepared for the return to earth. They used Chibis suits (made of elastic crimped material) which created a negative pressure in the lower part of the body, causing the body’s system to react as if they were in a normal terrestrial environment. They undocked on 16th March in the Salyut 27 craft landing back on earth 265km west of Tselinograd at 11:19 after a mission lasting 96 days and 10 hours precisely. In making the flight Grechko became the first astronaut or cosmonaut to fly two space station missions. He was subsequently awarded the title of HERO OF TI-IF SOVIET UNION and also received the Order of Lenin, both for the second time. He was brought in to serve as flight engineer on board Soyuz T-14. together with Vladimir Vasyutin and Alexander Volkov, which was launched on 17 September 1985 (Mission called "Cheget"). At 54 he was the oldest cosmonaut ever to fly in space! STAMPS COMMEMORATING HIS FLIGHTS 1. SOYUZ I7 / SALYUT 4 MISSION LAOS SG445 5k Gubarev, Grechko and Salyut space station SG448 60k Gubarev, Grechko and Salyut space station RUSSIA SG4382 10k Gubarev, Grechko (Soyuz 17) and Salyut VIETNAM SG231 2d Gubarev and Grechko  2. SOYUZ 26 / SALYUT 6 MISSION CUBA SG2541 1c Rocket launch SG2542 4c Soyuz SG2543 6c Salyut SG2544 10c Soyuz & Salyut link-up SG2545 13c Soyuz and SG2546 30c Parachute and capsule CZECHOSLOVAKA SG2451 1k 60 Cosmonauts Romanenko & SG2452 2k Salyut 6 space laboratory RUSSIA SG4755 6k Soyuz linked to Salyut space station SG4770 15k Salyut 6 space station SG4771 15k Romanenko and Grechko SG4879 15k Intercosmos SG4902 4k Commem Soyuz 27 / Salyut 6 / Soyuz 26 3. SOYUZ T-14 SALYUT 7 MISSION Unable to locate any issues for this flight. Bibliography: OBERG James: "Red Star in Orbit" FURNISS Tim: "Manned Spaceflight Log" CLARK Phillip: "The Soviet Manned Space Program" HOOPER Gordon R: "The Soviet Cosmonaut Team" POPESCU Julian: "Russian Space Exploration" STANLEY GIBBONS: "Stamps of the World" JANE’S: "Spaceflight Directory" The Interview GEORGE SPITERI: Mr. Grechko, I met Yuri Romanenko a few years ago so it's great to meet you as well, seeing that you both flew together.. it’s a lovely ambition to.. GRECHKO: I gather we were one of the best crews in space, because we never had trouble between us in space. 96 days in space, and only once we begun to argue. We begun... but I stopped it and say "Yuri, we will spoil our flight". Our flight is going so good that we will spoil it by this argue and he laughed. No-one argue in 96 days. We were a very good crew. Every crew has agreement not to argue, but not every crew can fulfill this agreement... but we fulfill it... and you know it was a very strange crew because normally a crew should be trained for some years to fly some weeks. We were trained, like this, as crew, for only two months, and we flew for three months. It’s very un-normal, we hadn’t time to adjust to each other, but we never argued. SPITERI: That was something I was going to ask you. Page 1     Page 2     Page 3     Page 4     Page 5
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