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Georgi Grechko (Patron) Page 1     Page 2     Page 3     Page 4     Page 5 GRECHKO: ...three months before this flight, we were, unknown to each other, in our training we became friends, and in our spaceflight we became brothers - and I like very well. TONY BIRD: Was that one of the reasons that it was reported you were told off for working too hard? You really enjoyed the whole flight with Romanenko, and so got caught up into it and never got into leisure time? GRECHKO: What is the main part of your question? BIRD: It was reported that you were told off for working too hard while you were on the flight, is that true? GRECHKO: Yes. BIRD: And it was because you were so into being up there on the mission that you just forgot about leisure time. GRECHKO: Oh! really I am a scientist, and we scientists are crazy about our experiments, and I work hard; as every scientist in space; and Yuri every time was together with me and helped me and he was involved by me in the science, and it was quite possible he will say "oh you’re crazy, a scientist, go away". No, at times he took part and helped and was active and.. maybe the best crew, I don’t know.. but one of the best! SPITERI: Related to your flight with Yuri Romanenko, can you put the record straight about EVA. Did you actually save his life... he was tethered... GRECHKO: No., of course no. It was funny case... because really when he jumped out of space station, and I saw his safety belts unattached to space station, because in our documents we should attach, I caught his belt and ask him "Yuri, where are you going?". He didn’t see me... that he especially untached it to go further in space, not forever, but to have more room for his movement, I didn’t know about it, and I guess human ask "where are you going?" It was funny here, of course he cannot go away. It was very big exaggerations made by very good specialist but this James Oberg, he has made sensation from this very funny.., and Yuri was very angry about all this because it wasn’t like... and when I read book of James Oberg, I was driven by him in his car and I saw it was as science fiction, he was very good specialist, but very good sensation maker, and of course it was not very truth, it wasn’t dangerous at all, it was funny! BIRD: Can I ask you a question about how you began in the programme. Did you apply to be a cosmonaut. Was it your idea, or were you invited as a scientist specializing... GRECHKO: I was invited, not like scientist, I was invited as engineer. I was young and active and good enough experienced, because I entered Korolyov Design Bureau in 1954 as mechanic, in 1955 as engineer, and to 1964 I was good experienced and Korolyov personally knew me because sometime I made very important deal for Korolyov’s Design Bureau. I was only engineer, but sometimes I saved the launch of rockets. I was noted, and when we began to create spacecraft for three crewmen; Soyuz; Korolyov invited engineers, but not the all, who were known for him experienced, and he invited us to take test to be, or not to be, astronauts. And because I was only engineer; not something special. I was not superman. I was ordinary people, only happy people. And for me this tests was fine because I was quite sure I’d be thrown out... of... to be astronaut.. . by medical results. And I was very happy, very amusement, when I understood that medicals said me okay to be astronaut. SPITERI: Can you talk a bit about your training for the lunar programme at all? GRECHKO: We began our training in group... we studied the construction of lunar spacecraft... we studied trajectory... we were taught for some scientific experiments in the space flight. Our spacecraft was tested in the name of ZOND, really it was not robotic Zond, it was manned spacecraft in unmanned spaceflight. And it was of course very bad, from my point of view, it was very bad solution to cancel this programme, because we were trained, spacecraft was checked in real flight... and of course we wanted that we should... to fly... but at that time... Russians should be only first! Page 1     Page 2     Page 3     Page 4     Page 5
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