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Georgi Grechko (Patron) Page 1     Page 2     Page 3     Page 4     Page 5 SPITERI: Could I ask, is it true that you dreamt whilst in space, you dreamt you were skiing? GRECHKO: Say it again... SPITERI: Is it true that when in space you dreamt you were skiing, skiing down mountains. Is it true? GRECHKO: Skiing down...? SPITERI: When you were asleep, in space, did you dream that you were skiing, down mountainsides? GRECHKO: I guess yes... of course. In space sometimes most of my night dreams was on the earth... the time at home, or training, or on skiing, because in winter-time for me, the best... downhill mountain skiing. Of course, I don’t remember now, but after the flight, maybe I told that one of my night dreams was about skiing... it’s possible, because even now I try to have skiing. Months ago I was in USA with my lecture tour and skiing came in Salt Lake City. BIRD: Mr. Grechko, I believe that you are a Philatelist, you collect stamps? GRECHKO: Was... I was... not very serious... because it took too much time... to be serious collector. BIRD: I'm Chairman of the Astro-Space Stamp Society in Britain, and we wondered... GRECHKO: I have my old collection, but I don’t. BIRD: But what we wondered sir, was whether you would be our Patron... our Patron, our figurehead, as you are a Cosmonaut who’s interested in stamps? GRECHKO: I heard it, and yes, I have my old collection of stamps and of envelopes... but I don’t pay it now real attention, because, you know, it take too much time to have all stamps... with T’s without T’s... and you know there are some crazy collectors who if you want point, breaks a point... oh it's very firm, and sometimes there’s something wrong on the stamps...oh!!! BIRD: We are just enthusiasts on the Space hobby. GRECHKO: I was not very serious collector, but I have, I guess, some stamps old enough and interesting enough. BIRD: Would you be happy to be our figurehead, our Patron, could we make you an honorary member? GRECHKO: Oh I don’t... I haven’t objection... because I really was a collector, and I have now my stamps and envelopes... and some of them are not bad, and some of them was in space... of course... Thank you very much. BIRD/SPITERI: Mr. Grechko, Thank you very much. Page 1     Page 2     Page 3     Page 4     Page 5
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