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A.S.S.S. Info This Web Site This Web site is also my hobby, and is funded completely by myself. I also design and maintain Web sites. Over the years, as my knowledge and experience with the Internet has grown, we found it was time we shared the love of Space Stamps with everyone on the Internet. This site has been very well received by space stamp fans around the world. It has always been the main concern of this site that I constantly meet the needs of the space stamp collector, and so we will always continue to put every effort into the quality of the site. I am committed to maintaining the Astro Space Stamp Society Web site as a non-commercial, non-profit Web site dedicated to sharing the splendours of space stamps with all members of the world Internet community. Plans for the Future I have a lot of future plans and goals for the Astro Space Stamp Society web site. I am always coming up with new ideas. Unfortunately, I work alone on the site and time is a limitation that is hard to overcome. I work my regular job of 50 hours a week. All work on the Astro Space Stamp Society web site is done in the hour or two that I have in the evenings and weekends. I am bringing new sections of the site online as fast as I can get them created. One section (which will take time) is to have a list of all the Astronomy and space stamps (including images) that have been issued. I would eventually like to turn this site into a true multimedia experience. Unfortunately, the site is currently running on a shared Web server and bandwidth restrictions are a problem. Because of this, access speed is also a problem from time to time. I would also like to get this site up and running on its own Web server with a dedicated line. But this is expensive and well beyond my means to pay for. I hope to one day be able to receive a grant or contribution that will cover the cost of setting up and maintaining a server on a monthly basis. Requests for Information I receive a lot of requests for information from people who visit the site. I always do my best to answer all of my e-mail. However, all information I have available to me is on the Web site. I try to do my best to find information that is not on the site. However, I have to send this request to other members where they might have to research this information and it usually takes time. You can usually find the information quicker if you try searching for it on the Internet search services such as Yahoo, and Google. Our email address is
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