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Society News and Space Stamp News Archives - Page 4 London Apollo Place Handstamp Godfrey Winston has picked up notice in the Postmark Bulletin that the illustrated cancel is available for any space occasion you wish to commemorate from now until the end of September. If you would like this cancel, say, for a John Glen cover you wish to post from Britain write to the London SHC, Royal Mail, Mount Pleasant, Farringdon Road, London EC1A 1BB enclosing the cover you wish to be sent complete with proper postage and address and "Apollo Place" and the date you want pencilled on the cover and/or made clear in an accompanying letter. Motiv-Philatelie Irmgard Schwarz of the above named German philatelic firm specialising in thematics has contacted Orbit to say that for 15 years they have been supplying philatelic material like Special Cancellations, Meters, Postal Stationery, FDCs, Maxim Cards and Telegrams to collectors worldwide. If you would like to find out more about their services please write to the firm at P.O. Box 2158, D-63623 Bad Soden, Germany or email Bert on a Stamp! Increasingly popular at philatelic events is the not too expensive facility to have one's photo printed on a label next to an official stamp from the home country as with G.B. "Smilers" as author Bert van Eijck demonstrates on this postcard to our Orbit editor Jeff. From Belgica, organised by A.S.S.S. member Jurgen P. Esders. The Michael P Wright Space Collection Our Aberdeen member Mike Wright has now put some of his best material —autographed photos, and covers— on Internet for others to enjoy. Within his collection he is fortunate to have the autographs of everyone that has ever ventured into space. As the collection is extensive, the website showcases some of his rarer items, and some of my personal favourites - the ethos of the site being quality opposed to quantity. Do enjoy your visit, which begins with a specially recorded introduction by Apollo 16 Moon Walker Charlie Duke. Autograph Service Offer Our Belgian member Jurgen P. Esders is now offering an improved service to all his astronaut/cosmonaut and space memorabilia contacts by email via a dedicated newsgroup. Jurgen had previously produced an updated list once a year but people often come to him asking for update and now he is setting out to regularise this service. If you are interested in learning more about how you can set about obtaining such autographs etc and meeting (on line) others who do this sort of thing then please visit to learn how to do it. You will have to register and apply for membership but it’s free. Covent Garden Stamp Shop Proprietor, Rowan Baker has contacted us to say he has every space stamp issued by the USA - most in complete sheets and can produce a space price list of US material on request. Members interested should phone him on 020 7379 1448 or write to 28 Bedfordbury, London WC2N 4RB European & Foreign Stamps Also contacted by Orbit is this thematic firm based in Pontypridd, Wales whose owner Edward Foley will also happily supply space lists on request. Again if interested phone 01443 407421 or write to P.O. Box No I Pontypridd South Wales CFS7 5RA. Special Motive This is a database with around 30 000 stamps, sets and FDC´s from nearly all countries in the world. It is actually 20% of all printed stamps ever! It is easy to query the database for any topic or country - and there are many topics to be found. Thousands of keywords can be used in English or Swedish. The result is a list with stamps, depending of the query. Description in English, with country, year, set description, no of stamps in set and price in US$. The catalogue numbers used are by Michel, but you do not actually need catalogue numbers with all other information given.
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