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Society News and Space Stamp News Archives - Page 6 Gagarin Labels Birmingham member Bob Taylor has produced the illustrated coloured labels. If you would like to acquire some, for your mail, write to Bob at 731 Hagley Road West, Quinton, Birmingham B32 1 DJ. New Ukrainian Source Alexander Tsurkalenko writes to Orbit to offer unmounted mint space stamps and souvenir sheets from USSR, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, Poland, Vietnam, Mongolia, Vietnam etc. He claims to sell at 20/25% of the given Michel catalogue values. He also sells autographs for all cosmonauts, except the most rare, @ $6 each(or equivalent). Write to Alex, mentioning this notice, at P.O Box 57— Postamt, 49000 Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Rocket Mails Wanted Spanish member Antoni Rigo is very interested in rocket mail covers and would be happy to hear of any member with duplicates to sell or exchange. Please send photocopies with prices to him at PO Box 1690, Palma de Mallorca, E-07060, Balearic Isles, Spain. China Space cover exchanged for G.B. Booklets? Chinese member Jiang Chun Hua, who is a college student, writes to say he would like to acquire G.B. stamp booklets and is willing to swap Chinese space materials with anyone who can supply these to him. If you would like to write to Jiang, his address is P.O.Box 203, Nan Tong Teachers College, Jiang Su Province 226007, P.R. of China. Flown Chinese Shenzou Covers Netherlands member Bart Beimers has covers for the first launch of the Chinese Manned SpaceCraft in November ‘99 and about which he will write in the June issue of Orbit. If you can’t wait to see illustrations of what he has and would like to acquire some material from him do please write to: B.A. Beimers, N.J. Haismastr 7, 9061 BV Gierkerk, Netherlands. Space Covers - Dictionary and Identifier Year 2000 Edition Bruce Cranford announces the publication of the above containing information about this aspect of Astrophilately for the collector, novice or experienced. It describes the various parts of a space cover and how one can identify important characteristics that impact on the value of covers. Over 190 space cover manufacturers worldwide are identified from 1957 onwards with colour illustrations and logos of 87 manufacturers. The new version differs significantly from the 1996 edition focusing on astrophilately in much greater detail with more and better graphics. Bruce is an aerospace engineer who has been collecting covers for 40 years and he writes 'Going Up' for the Space Topics Study Unit mag The Astrophile. Available from Bruce Cranford, Dept: SC:DI Press, 1 Cliffe Hill Court, Potomac MD 20854-2945 USA. @$30 including p&p. Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery. "All About Space" Packed with fascinating information, genuine space mission photographs and colourful illustrations All About Space tells children all they want to know about life on a space mission. Published by David Shayler of The Midlands Spaceflight Society who is an acknowledged expert in the field of space missions, this book takes the reader through an interactive day in the life of an astronaut. Children can plan their own menus, mission emblems and spot the influences of space travel on our daily lives whilst learning how astronauts live, work, and sleep in space. Published July 1999 by Egmont Children’s Books in the "All About .7’ series @ £2.99 ISBN 97807 49 740061
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