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Society News and Space Stamp News Archives - Page 7 News of Members Andy Swanston of Winston Eccles, Manchester was the collector featured in the "Showcase" page of the December 2000 STAMP magazine.  Francis KiddIe contributes a regular series of articles on Cinderella issues to STAMP and Jeff Dugdale has prepared features on Gagarin stamps which has appeared in the Jan 2001 issue and on "The Moon Walkers" scheduled for the April 2001 issue of the magazine. Vermeil for Jean-Louis Congratulations to Jean-Louis Lafon, our French member was awarded a Vermeil Medal at AEROFILA 2000 at Buenos Aires, Argentina for his exhibit "History of the European Rockets" and two Large Silvers for "From the first USSR-USA Manned Flight to the Apollo-Soyuz Mission", at London, and at ESPANA 2000 in Madrid Astrophilately Bureau Renewed During the last FIP Congress held at Madrid in October 2000 the Bureau of the Commission for Astrophilately was renewed. Jose Grandela from Spain was elected Leader, Jean-Louis Lafon Secretary with other members being Beatrice Bachmann, Ben Ramkissoon, Charles Bromser—all known to ASSS members— along with Javomir Matejka (Austria) and Giovanni di Numana (Italy). Orbit Award at Glasgow 2000 Orbit was awarded a Silver Bronze at this November event gaining 68% with the comment "A lot of enthusiasm is apparent. Presentation and Technical matters need to be addressed". Not a particularly helpful comment as nothing more was added!! But we know have a nice medal to add to our American one from Chicagopex 98 Hong Kong Feb lst-5th 2001 Not going?! (If you are - do please sign the visitors book at Crown Agents and let us know you’ve been there). However, you can still take part in our joint Orbit/C.A. competition…… Who said "I’ve told NASA, I’m ready to go on the space shuttle any time they want to have me. I’ve got my toothbrush packed"? New Space Cover Series from Tony Buckingham Get lift off with Buckingham's incredible future first day cover service and astronaut/cosmonaut autographs on Astrophilatelic covers too. Space Tourism is the buzzword these days. The Children of the Future UK Stamps to be issued on Jan 16th might well be the generation that sees new astro holiday phenomena. Tony and Oath Buckingham, the Founders of Benham have produced a super cover based on "A Trip to Mars in 2015" The pictorial cancel features a rocket illustration, mailed from Liverpool, England. For more details contact Internet Stamps. Co. Church House, 136 Sandgate Road, Folkestons, Kent CT2O 2BY (Tel: 01303850688 email bhcuk@aoLcom) or see the ads in your latest stamp magazine and editions of The Cover Collector And please don’t forget to mention you saw the ad in association with Orbit. That way we might get even more sponsorship! Catalogues Launched by Russian ASSS Members Now available for your purchase are two Russian language catalogues authored by members of the Society, but don't be put off because of the language difficulty: you may well be able to transliterate having identified the images if you are interested postal stationery. The catalogue (114 21x15cms pages) has an additional introduction in English. If you would like a copy (€15 +p&p) contact Oleg at The second catalogue from Yuri Kvasnikov is a full colour catalogue of stamps issued to commemorate Yuri Gagarin. Issued on 10:02:05, it even refers to the Russian issue for Gagarin which came out in January 2005. This is a very slim volume, comprising only some twenty-six 21x15cms pages, but if you want to check on those elusive Gagarin items - I recommend you contact Yuri at who will explain how to get your $10 or Euros equivalent to him.
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