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Society News and Space Stamp News Archives - Page 8 John Young Retires As reported in the February issue of Spaceflight veteran NASA astronaut John Young has finally left the astronaut corps accepting that he will not be given a further shuttle mission. Having experienced seven launches, one from the surface of the Moon during the Apollo 16 mission, Young flew in every NASA craft except a Mercury vehicle in a career lasting 42 years and his achievements are recognised in many stamps. Your Orbit editor (Jeff Duddale) has had the pleasure of meeting Young personally at a lecture given at Aberdeen University in September 1996 and he is a personal hero of his. Laterally, Young's refusal to sign autographs, because of his suspicions that signed items would be exploited commercially, became famous. Jack McMahan New Space Cover Catalog Supplement Released In 1974, Jack McMahan released the most comprehensive catalog of U.S. Space events that has been written to this date. Even major events for which no known covers were known to exist were included in this work. As a result many new covers for these events have been located through the ensuring years. The Space Uint of the ATA and APS is pleased to announce that now, thirty years later, Mr. McMahan has released a supplement to that original work, picking up the most comprehensive listing of events ever compiled for the years 1974 and 1975. His personal numbering system has been revamped making this an easy to follow comprehensive listing of valuable knowledge for Astrophilatelists around the world. To create this work, Jack has had to overcome the obstacle of severe macular degeneration, with the help of special computers from his Veteran's Administration Office. He is legally blind. This new two-year supplement is to be the beginning of further updates to the catlog. However, before going on with 1976 and beyond, he is currently updating and re- numbering the original work which encompasses events from the mid-1940's through the end of 1973. This update is currently in the final stages of updating, and is being readied for proofing. In addition to US manned and unmanned spaceflights, this book also incorporated flights of experimental aircraft that led to the space shuttle. McMahan's catalog is the only U.S. created Space Cover catalog that is still being used today. The new supplement is 8x11 inches in size and contains an extremely comprehensive look at Skylab and the Apollo-Soyuz missions, including Russian covers. This will be an important asset for both collectors and dealers in Astrophilately. It can be obtained directly from the author for $18.00 postpaid in the US and Canada. Overseas collectors must add $3.00 for postage. Checks or money orders drawn on US banks can be sent to: Jack McMahan, 11106 Wortham Ct, Houston, TX 77065, U.S.A. Death of Mercury Veteran Mercury astronaut L. Gordon ("Gordo") Cooper died on 4th October 2004. Cooper flew the last and longest mission in the first US series of manned flights in Faith 7 launched on 15th May 1963, his flight - the last ever US solo one - lasting over 34 hours. He went on to take part in a Gemini mission in August 1965 with Pete Conrad, also now deceased. For some time he was slated as commander of Apollo 13 before crews were switched around. Gordon Cooper was 77 and his death leaves three survivors of the Original 7 - Glenn, Carpenter and Schirra. Ian Ridpath's New Web Images Ian has redesigned his astro-stamp pages and put them on a new server at: He would be very keen for fellow members to view them and comment back to him. Godfrey Mellor Displays Our Stockport (Cheshire) based member Godfrey Mellor gave a display to Leeds P.S. on October 12th on "The Apollo Story" and on December 7th he gave a display on "Early Space Developments" to the Oldham P.S. Astronauts on Show in Britain Member Robert Atkinson of Preston reports that Gemini 8 and Apollo 9 and Apollo 15 veteran David Scott visited the BAE system site in Warton near Preston on June 18th, the link to the Norht East of England being that Commander Scott's father was commander of BAE Warton during WWII. Can you Help John Our American member John Macco is looking for photocopies of any Orbit numbered #1 to #27 so he can complete his collection. If anyone can help John please write to John at 1212 Holly Avenue, Shady Side, MD 20764-9547, USA.
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