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Society News and Space Stamp News Archives - Page 10 Beyond Quaoar A planetoid three times farther from Earth the Pluto has been discovered by NASA funded scientists at Caltech. Eight billion miles away from Earth, the object in the meantine has been named Sedna after the Inuit goddess of the sea. Sedna has a very red appearance and is between 800 and 1100 miles in diameter, and is therefore halfway between the size of Pluto and the planetoid Quaoar discovered by the same team in 2002. The International Astronomy Union are to rethink the system for classifying planets following the discoveries of Quaoar and Sedna and this may well impact on the status of Pluto itself. Bespoke Covers American based cover designer Nirlay Kundu is willing to design 40th Anniversary Apollo XI covers exclusively for ASSS members next Summer—more details to come. Have a look at his current work across a variety of subjects at and His email address is Monkey Business Andy Swanston writes to say he has for years been looking for a stamp issued for Enos the Space Chimp. He enjoyed our issue no 71 (Oct 06) with the list of Animals in Space by John Beenen from which he noticed that Congo issued an Enos stamp with Enos and Ham shown in the margins. He has checked his Gibbons catalogue but finds these not listed. He is also aware of another unlisted Ham stamp from Niger in 1999. Andy asks for the help of any ASSS member who can obtain these stamps mint for him and he is happy to pay all related costs. (429 Worsley Road, Winton Eccles, Manchester M30 8HG). AIJP Conference Below a cancel on a card sent to Bert van Eijck from a meeting in June 08 of the worldwide society of philatelic journalists. The card was sent by fellow ASSS member Bart Beimers and Arie Olckers, President of our Dutch sister society, both of whom participated in the world philatelic exhibition in the astro class. Galileo Query Orbitreader and contributor Ron Berger, who regards Galileo as one of his intellectual heroes is looking for a philatelic item (stamp, sheetlet, postal stationery) that shows the cover of Galileo's 1613 book on Sunspots where he describes himself as "Galileo Galilei Linceo" or, at least, that refers to it - there are several items showing Galileo and his telescope, and the book describes some of the discoveries he made by this instrument. He wants to do this to connect Galileo to his other theme which is "Big Cats" and "Linceo" refers to the Seventeenth Century Italian Academy of Lynxes, a study group of the natural world. If you can assist Ron with any information please contact him— Sale and Exchange? Two non-members have contacted the Society asking if members are interested in dealing with them. Leung (contact is looking for material related to the Beijing 08 Olympics including MNH stamps/sheets, FDCs and stamped postal covers. In return he can exchange the same sort of material from Hong Kong. Michaela Seifertova has a large collection of space stamps and covers (many with cosmonaut signatures) from Soviet bloc countries which she would like to sell, having first contacted our Chairman Margaret Morris for advice. If you are interested contact her for more details : Michaele .seifertova @gma Weltraum Philatelie elects new leadship: Jurgen P. Esders now V.P. German astrophilatelists have a new leadership: four months after the sudden death of their long time President Peter Wilhelm, the members of 'Weltraum Philatelie' have unanimously selected a new Board. The new board wants to open the society to new aspects of the hobby while maintaining its high standing in the classical field of showing astrophilataelic collections in competitive exhibitions. During the General Meeting of the association in mid-April in the German city of Stuttgart, Florian Noller, 31 years old self-employed, was elected President. Noller had been serving as Vice President since 1997. Noller lives at Renningen near Stuttgart. He is also owner of a space memorabilia company, Congratulations to long time ASSS member Jurgen Peter Esders, a WP Member for over 25 years, who has become Vice President. The 49 year old European Commission official and journalist has been editing the association's newsletter since the early 80's. Esders is also the International Director (Europe) of the American sister organization Space Unit and lives in the German capital, Berlin.
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