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Society News and Space Stamp News News - Page 1    Page 2     Page 3 Current Buckingham Covers Offers of Space Material This is not a paid-for advert, but simply two items extracted for your interest and fascination from the likes of the Buckingham Covers mag Cover Lover and other promotional material received by your editor in the Autumn of 2014. The first item is a classic and from Buckingham will be the real thing to be sure but would you pay that asking price for it and is that a fair price for such an investment, now Neil Armstrong has died? The collection below, as you can deduce, comprises modern photo covers bearing GB and other stamps signed recently, possibly at Autographica, by veteran (mainly Apollo) astronauts for “charity”. Astrophilatelic Display Wins BTA Cup Your editor was delighted to win the British Thematic Association Cup decided at Ardingley in Sussex in October with his display on Fifty Years of Spacewalking which is the basis of his forthcoming article in STAMP Magazine in the Spring. Judged under thematic rules, the display merited a Vermeil with 79pts. an improvement of 5 pts on Jeff’s 2013 display which was on the ISS. Above a part of the Results report from the December Themescene and below photos from the same edition showing our Chairman Emeritus in display mode and being celebrated as one of the original members of the BTA (founded 30 years ago) at the BTA Weekend at the Oxford Spires Hotel held 3rd-5th October. Delightful Indonesian Moon Myth Issue Your editor has been extending his interest in myths and legends on stamps towards the Far East and has recently come across these lovely stamps issued by Indonesia in 2005 which illustrate the myth of “Moon and Sago in Ibuanari”. The myth concerns the ancient people of Ibuanari who loved sago which is the staple food of Papuans, but they did not grow it themselves and instead relied on stealing it from passing strangers. One night when there was a full Moon and the appetizing yellow thing looked so close the people wondered if they could also steal it and eat some of it with sago ! So their chief ordered men to cut down trees and build a tower up to the Moon. Each man climbing the tower was supplied with a long pole and a sago-filled bamboo tube, but the tower was not strong enough and collapsed showering sago all over the island and killing many men. The result was that today Ibuanari is abundantly covered with sago trees which grew from the seeds that fell to earth ! News - Page 1    Page 2     Page 3
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