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Society News and Space Stamp News News - Page 1     Page 2     Page 3 Constellation Mini sheets from Japan in 2012 and 2013 As intimated in previous issues, Japan has produced four of these beautiful blue and silver sheets containing 10 self-adhesives—in 2011, 2012 and twice last year. Issue no 2 (left) shows Top row (l-r) Capricornus Aquarius Pisces Second row Cassiopeia Pegasus Andromeda Third row (l-r) Perseus Cepheus Cetus Fourth row singleton Ikari-boshi (anchor) Japanese asterism Issue no 3, the first of two in 2013 shows Top row (l-r) Cancer Leo Virgo Second row Ursa Ma Ursa Mi Bootes Third Corvus Corona Borealis Canes Venatici Fourth row singleton The Big Dipper Spring STAMPEX 2014 The British Thematic Association, to which the ASSS is affiliated has been invited by the organisers of STAMPEX to provide a display at the above event to be held in the Business Design Centre, London from 19th to 22nd February to complement the pictorial classes exhibits. If any ASSS members would like to contribute a frame (16 related sheets) please let your editor know and he will put in touch with the BTA Coordinator. There are no rules and this could be a first step towards a member entering the Fosbery Trophy or simply to display some of their best material. (The Society will pay the display fee). Novice Success Participating in a “rules” competition for the first time, in the BTA Cup section held at the South of England Stamp Fair and Sussex Convention at Ardingley in October of 2013 your editor was delighted to receive a Large Silver (and 74 pts) for his two frame display on the International Space Station. Pixar Sci-Fi Stamps Only just acquired for his collection on mail from Peter Hoffman are these two 2011 issues from the USA, part of a 5 stamps set devoted to Pixar films: see www.usap.pixar for full details. On the right of course heroic (?) space ranger Buzz Lightyear and left balloon aeronaut Carl Fredricksen and his talking canine companion, Dug, from the movie Up (2009). Scott Carpenter Passes M. Scott Carpenter the second American to orbit the earth (in April 1959) died on October 10th 2013 in his 89th year. Of the Original Mercury Seven only John Glenn now survives. Carpenter replaced Deke Slayton slated for the mission but who was withdrawn on medical grounds and was launched in Aurora 7 on 24th May 1962 on a five hour, three orbit flight, during which he helped to identify and explain the mysterious fireflies which Glenn had witnessed—as particles of frozen liquid. However his performance was criticised by Flight Director Chris Kraft: by the end of two orbits Carpenter had used more than half his fuel and re-entry mistakes contributed to the capsule overshooting the splash-down target by 250 miles so causing anxieties about the astronaut’s safety. Carpenter was not allocated any further flights, but went on to participate in the Navy's SEALAB program and spent the last part of his NASA career developing underwater training to help astronauts with future spacewalk missions. Orbit on Display in Hungary Thanks to our member Nik Stegall, the photo below shows a copy of the back page of Orbit #98 which featured an article on the Hungarian Masat satellite, on show as part of an exhibition at the Corvin Centre in Budapest in Autumn 2013. News - Page 1     Page 2     Page 3
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