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The Astro Space Stamp Society Notice board Page 1    Page 2    Page 3     Page 4    Page 5 Do you have any space stamps, postcards, covers, or a collection that you want to swap or sell? Maybe it's an astronaut’s autograph or it could be any space related theme. Maybe you want to tell people about a new space book or your club is having a meeting etc then this is the place to put your notice and you can advertise it here for free. If you would like to advertise please send an e-mail to:  with details. Note: We have tried to make sure that the above notices are correct; we cannot be responsible for their content or availability. We are providing the notices only for your convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by Astro Space Stamp Society of these sites. We advise you to visit each Web site's Usage Policy since all content retain their original copyrights. Polish Orbit Reader Has These Items for Sale all @ £2 Jan. 19,2014 Stanis³aw Wekka - P.O.Box 239 , 85-001 Bydgoszcz 1 , Poland , E-mail : FOR SALE Older Russia/USSR items dedicated or related to SPACE INVESTIGATION & FLIGHTS - ASTRONOMY-PIONEERS OF ROCKETS & SPACE- SHIPS CONSTRUCTING- Stan has for sale over 600 rare and interesting Russia/USSR MNH commemorative postal stationeries and stationeries with topical postmarks ,commemorative covers/cards issued by Cities Collectors Clubs or Cities Youth Collectors Clubs (emissions 500 – 3000), FDCs, Maxi-cards, …, of late 1950’s to 1990’s : -late 1950’s – 1960’s - 281 piece s, -1970’s – 204 pieces , -1980’s – 100 pieces , -1990’s – 35 pieces Now retired Stan is interested in selling these above mentioned covers and cards. Most of the items are rare and interesting being a mixture of younger and older ones but his price for each item is GB L2.20 ( = US $ 3.60 = € 2.66 ) less 10% of discount of total. A few SCANS of randomly selected examples of his items are provided: 1-Scott# 3333-Moscow-04.10.1967-10 Years of Cosmic Era,Galaxy ,Artificial Sat.Sputnik 1, 2-Scott# 3543-Moscow-12.04.1968-Communic. via Satellite-Molniya 1, 3-Scott# 2728-Minsk-03.02.1966-Earth – Luna 9 , 4-Scott# 2456-Perm-12.02.1962-Space probe and its path to Venus, 5-Scott# 2083-Moscow-04.06.1960-Sputnik 3 Leaving Earth , 6-Scott# 2083-Czelabinsk(Tshelabinsk)-04.04.1960-Sputnik 3 Leaving Earth, 7-Scott# 2310-Moscow-07.10.1960-Lunik 3 Photographing Far Side of Moon, 60 k, 8-Scott# 2309-Moscow-07.10.1960-Lunik 3 Photgraphing Far Side of Moon, 40 k 9-Scott# 2578 IMPERF.-Lvov-12.04.1963- Vostock 1,2,3,4, 10-Scott# 2510-Moscow-Aug.06-07,1961-Vostock 2 and G.S.Titov, 11-Scott# 2627 PERFORATED PAIR-Moscow-Aug.11-15,1962-Vostock 3,4 , 12-Scott# 2627 IMPERFORATED-Moscow-Aug.11-15,1962-Vosctock 3,4, 13-Scott# 3261-Post-cover issued Nov.23,1970-Day of Cosmonautics-Erevan- Symposium “Man in Space”-Leonov in Outer Space, 14-Scott# 3261(?)-Post-cover issued Jan.29,1975-Moscow-12.04.1975-Day of Cosmonautics,Gagarin, 15-MNH post-cover issued April 03,1964- „Mars 1 „ did 106 millions kilometres, 16-MNH post-cover issued Dec.07,1976-The Rocket Technics-Electrotechnical rocket lifter (ERD) - GDL for Solar Rocket of 1929-33, 17-Post-card issued 29.03.1982-Kaluga-17.09.1982-Constantin E.Ciolkowski-pioneer of rocket constructing, 18-Post-card issued 29.03.1982-Kiev-April 09-26,1983-Cons.Ciolkowski and his Rocket, rare red cancel, 19-Post-card issued 29.03.1982-Moscow-30.08.1982-125th Anniv. of C.Ciolkowski Birthday, 20-Post-card issued 19.03.1971-Zvezdny Gorodock( Star City )-12.04.1971-Y.Gagarin. Page 1    Page 2    Page 3     Page 4    Page 5
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