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The Astro Space Stamp Society Notice board Page 1    Page 2    Page 3     Page 4    Page 5 Do you have any space stamps, postcards, covers, or a collection that you want to swap or sell? Maybe it's an astronaut’s autograph or it could be any space related theme. Maybe you want to tell people about a new space book or your club is having a meeting etc then this is the place to put your notice and you can advertise it here for free. If you would like to advertise please send an e-mail to:  with details. Note: We have tried to make sure that the above notices are correct; we cannot be responsible for their content or availability. We are providing the notices only for your convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by Astro Space Stamp Society of these sites. We advise you to visit each Web site's Usage Policy since all content retain their original copyrights. Dear Philatelic Colleagues! Art & Stamp Collectors Club specialize in 1918-2000 Postage Stamps of Russia and USSR and invite you visit the largest and the most complete collection of Russian Topical stamps on the web: We ship worldwide. Please contact us for the current stamp prices and ordering information. Sincerely, Sergey Ivanov Dear Sirs I have in my collection a set of stamps/labels commemorating the "First American Mailrocket Flight, September 22, 1935" They can be seen at: I have not been able to find anything on these and, being a rocket mail/mail rocket novice, not sure where to look beyond Do you have any ideas where I might find information regarding these, e.g. was there a flight? are they fantasies? scarcity? value? Any information that you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. David Lundquist Dear Philatelist, To help promote stamp collecting around the world. We have created a club web site for philatelists to exchange (swap) stamps. Would you please advise us on any comments you might have? Very Best Regards Andy Bowles Spare Stamps I am a stamp collector and I don't have any space stamps! If anyone has any spares they would like to donate to my collection, I would be very grateful. Max Lupis 37 McArthur Avenue St Heliers Auckland New Zealand Correspond with Exhibitors I want this message to be put on the notice board: want to correspond with exhibitors of space covers and exchange information and/or philatelic material. I have many duplicate autographed space covers for sale or trade. State interests and maybe we can trade. I hope to hear from you soon. John Macco Space artifacts for sale I have several space artifacts for sale. The most interesting item is a shuttle hold down post. Eight of these are all that hold the Shuttle down in the seconds before liftoff, (4 on each Solid Rocket Booster). All 8 are blown off and away goes the shuttle. I have one bolt, one nut, and the original NASA plastic property tag, as well as copies of NASA literature describing the function of the post. Bolt is 3.5 inches thick, about 30 inches long, made of Inconel 725 I believe, high strength nickle alloy. It includes an imbedded strain gage with wiring. Also included is a thin nickle-alloy plate used in the upper portions of the booster as a gasket I believe, about one square foot. It is stamped with the NASA part number and contract number. Total net weight about 110 pounds. total cost is $300 plus shipping. Thank you for your reply, I can send photo on request. Bob Scoville Page 1    Page 2    Page 3     Page 4    Page 5
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