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The Stamps and Patches of Mercury 3 Mercury  Mercury 3  Mercury 4  Mercury 6  Mercury 7  Mercury 8  Mercury 9      Mercury Unidentified Mercury 3 Flight MR3 - Freedom 7 5 May 1961 15 min 28s Alan Shepard Cdr Alan Shepard's flight in a Mercury capsule was not an orbital one but a planned ballistic lob to a height of 116 miles, ending with a splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean. After a 4hour 14 minute wait inside the tiny capsule, during which he was compelled to answer the call of nature in his spacesuit, Shepard soared into space, enduring acceleration forces of 11g.  He was weightless for nearly 5 minutes during which time he orientated the craft using gas thrusters, the first spaceman to do so. Shepard only saw the view out of his periscope - and never out of his porthole. The retrorockets which were not needed on this ballistic flight, were test fired all the same and Shepard came down 297 miles from Cape Canaveral to be recovered by a helicopter from the USS Lake Champlain. Mercury 3 Stamps  In 1961 Surinam and Paraguay were the only two countries to issue stamps to celebrate Shepard's first flight, with Togo following in 1962. All of the other countries celebrated Shepard's flight on the anniversary of the flight or as a space achievements. Below is a list of the following countries that have issued stamps for Mercury 3. Also below are some of the stamps that were issued. Cameroon 1981 (SG 912) Central African Republic 1971 (SG 258) Congo Brazzaville 1974 (SG 405) Djibouti 1981 (SG 807) French Polynesia 1981 (SG 345) Gabon 1981 (SG 755 - m/s 756) Grenada 1989 (SG 2022) Mali 1981 (SG 850) Micronesia 1994 (SG 396) New Caledonia 1981 (SG 653 - m/s 654) Panama 1963 (SG 793-94) Paraguay 1961 (SG 964-70 - m/s 970a) Poland 1977 (SG 2527 - s/s 2527a) Qatar 1966 (SG 134) Ras al Khaima 1966 (SG 44) Kathiri State of Seiyun 1967 (SG 117) Sierra Leone 1988 (SG 1165 / 1167) Surinam 1961 (SG 494) Togo 1962 (SG 297 / 299) Togo 1962 (SG 301ab) Togo 1963 (SG 1558) Uganda 1987 (SG 575) Uganda 1994 (SG 1358) Wallis & Futuna Is. 1981 (SG 366) Mercury 3 Mission Patches Another aspect of collecting space memorabilia and can be very interesting is Mission Patches. Just like collecting stamps you'll find one angle on patch collecting is finding variations of the same patch or mission. Below are Mercury 3 Mission Patches. For more information on patches see Mercury  Mercury 3  Mercury 4  Mercury 6  Mercury 7  Mercury 8  Mercury 9      Mercury Unidentified
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