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Stamp Profile Austria Astronomer Johannes Kepler Issue date: 05/11/1953 This stamp shows the most important teacher working at a Protestant school during the Reformation age in Austria. It is the famous mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler who is the originator of modern astronomy and discovered the three eponymous Kepler's laws of planetary motion. He was born in the city of Württemberg on December 27, 1751 and died in Regensburg on November 15, 1630. From 1593 to 1598 he taught at the Protestant Ständeschule in Graz and from 1612 to 1626 at the Landschaftsschule in Linz, which had been founded by the Protestant estates of Upper Austria. Since Luther's time, the relations between church and school had been very close and almost indissoluble. According to the Protestant view, the Bible representing the word of God isthe basis of Christian faith and life. Therefore, Dr. Martin Luther translated the Bible into German and demanded from the nobility and the city administrations the establishment of schools so that young people could learn languages and the art of readingin order to be really able to benefit from the translated Bible in their creed and life. © Austria Post Office Europa 1991 Gibraltar Issue Date: 26/02/1991 Europe, through the foresight of the astronomers Copernicus, Galileo and more recently Halley, has played a prominent role in our current understanding of Space and the Universe. It is therefore, not surprising that European Countries have rallied together and joined resources in this advanced era of space technological development to form the European Space Agency with a view to continuing the work of its predecessors and remain in the forefront of space research and exploitation. The Gibraltar Post Office has selected two stamps depicting various projects of the ESA to mark the European Space effort. The 25p value features the Columbus Development Programme with the Free Flying Laboratory docked to the Spaceplane Hermes for in-orbit servicing and payload exchange. Both the laboratory and the Hermes are scheduled to be launched at the end of this Century. The Remote Sensing Satellite ERS 1 illustrated on the 32p stamp design is the forerunner of a new generation of space missions planned for the 1990’s aimed at global environment monitoring which promises to make a substantial contribution to the scientific study of our environment. The two stamps designed by 0, J, Gonzalez were issued on the 26th February 1991 and printed by lithography on un-watermarked Security paper by D B T International. Israel Philately Day – The First Israeli Astronaut Issue Date: 11/12/2001 The stamp Foreground - an astronaut's helmet with the planet earth, the Colombia space shuttle and the American and Israeli flags reflected on its visor. Background - a sketch of the stars of the galaxy, together with a picture of space taken by the Hubble telescope and the symbol of ISA(Israel Space Agency). Tab - a picture of space taken by Hubble and the symbol of the Israel Philatelic Federation. The First Day Cover Centre - photograph taken in space of the map of Israel and the Israeli and American flags. Foreground - an astronaut and the Columbia space shuttle. Background, top right photograph taken in space of Jerusalem and the Dead Sea region. Background lower part - a dust storm over the Mediterranean basin which comes from the Sahara Desert. Background, top left –photograph of the sky taken in space. Photographs by courtesy of the NASA and MEIDEX archives.  
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