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Stamp Profile Success in 20th Century (The Universe)  North Korea Issue Date: 25/09/2001 It is aggregate of all things existing in space, acting in infinite time and a course of constant evolution in various forms. It is the biggest and largest in the world. Since the history of mankind began, one researched the stars in space and continued to have doubts about their formation and existence. One has never known before how big it is. We live on the earth, one of the plants existing in the galactic system. I t has the fabulous size and secrets inconceivable. At present many countries in the world have launched artificial satellites to reveal its secret. 10 jon stamp (sheetlet): Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin (1934-1968), a Soviet cosmonaut, performing the space flight for the first time in the world. 40 jon stamp (sheetlet): Moon exploring satellite Apollo 11 launched on July 16,1969. 1.50 won stamp (sheetlet): Artificial earth satellite Kwangnyongsong 1 launched on August 31,1998 in the DPRK. 2 won stamp (sheetlet): Edmund Halley (1956- 1742), an English astronomer and mathematician and Halley's comet exploring satellite Giotto launched in the Europe. Depicted on the upper part of the sheetlet are a phenomenon of the solar eclipse, the artificial satellite Sputnik 1 launched in October 1957 in the Soviet Union and on the lower part the earth and the French supersonic plane Concord. Europe in Space 1991 Sweden Issue Date: 15/05/1991 Space has always aroused man’s wonder and curiosity, He learned early how to utilise the stars to navigate and to explore our own Planet. From Space we can now explore the Earth and its near surroundings. One example is the first Swedish research satellite VIKING, which increased our knowledge of the Northern Lights. The successor to Viking is named Freja.  Remote sensing and weather satellites give us possibility to make more accurate weather forecasts and to monitor environmental changes. Tele-satellites link tele-X and data communication networks between and within continents and makes the distribution of radio and TV over great distances possible. One Swedish example is the Satellite TELE—X. For small countries like Sweden international co-operation is a necessity.  Sweden participates in the European Space Co-operation primarily through its membership in the European Space Agency. Within ESA, the launcher Ariane and the space vehicle Hermes are being developed, Swedish participation is planned and coordinated by the Swedish National Space Board. Three se-tenant stamps have been issued on the 15th May 1991 showing Hermes, Freja and Tele-X. International Space Year Stamps Japan Issue Date: 07/07/1992 A pair of 62 yen postage stamps (se tenant) were issued Tuesday 7 July 1992 commemorating the international Space Year. The International Space Year was established at the United Nations General Assembly in 1989 with the aim of making people more aware of space development and international co-operation including earth observation using artificial satellites. Also, 1992 marks the 500th anniversary of the discovery of the New Continent and it is the 35th anniversary of the international Earth Observation Year (the Year of launching of the first artificial satellite Sputnik IM).  The design of the stamps is the earth observation satellite AOEOS, which is to be launched during 1995 and is depicted on the left hand stamp, while the broadcasting satellite MBS~3 and the space station in the boundless space are on the right hand stamp to represent the dream towards space in the future.  Japanese postage stamps are available by mail order at face value plus postage from: Tokyo Central Post Office, Philatelic Section, Box 888, Tokyo 100-91, JAPAN.
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