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Stamp Profile Europa 1991 Isle Of Man  Issue Date: - 24/04/1991 With the rapid changes in communications technology appearing all the time, it is little wonder that the theme of space would emerge sooner or later for the Europa issue. Satellite communications have developed enormously in the last decade in particular INTELSAT, a non-profit making organisation which began more than 25 years ago, and whose membership now includes 117 nations and more than 70 countries, territories end dependencies Intelsat provides a 24 hour a day service, permanently manned with instant communication worldwide to meet the needs not only of domestic, but also regional and international communications. It is to Intelsat that the Isle of Man is now linked for ifs vital communications across the world, and from Intelsat that the Island's national broadcasting service, Manx Radio, receives its international news feeds. It is also through Intelsat's business system (IBS) that Manx Telecom has access to a variety of satellites for their communication links in today's business world. The 17p stamp depicts fishing boats at the entry to Douglas harbour with the lighthouse in the background. A commonplace scene for the locals, brought into the modern world by the Intelsat communications satellite and the ARIANE launch rocket, keeping the Island instantly in touch worldwide The 26p stamp design shows different satellites used for the purpose of communication in radio broadcasting and weather forecasting, amongst other uses, being beamed down to Ronaldsway (IOM) Airport and to the Manx Radio building in Douglas. The satellite launch shuttle, the ATLAS rocket and a manned space station enables the US and its European partners to use space for peaceful purposes to benefit all mankind. This year, however, we are not only celebrating the revolutionary techniques in satellite communications, but 1991 also marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Samuel Morse whose name is well known throughout the world as the inventor of the electric telegraph - or Morse Code, which he devised arid which is still very much in use today. (c) Isle of Man Post Office Europe in Space 1991 Finland  Issue Date: 07/06/1991 Posts and Telecommunications of Finland commemorated the Europa '91, theme of Europe in Space on the 7th June 1991 with the issue of two special stamps, with the values FIM 2.10 and FIM 2.90. Tarja Salonen designed the stamps as her training assignment at Lahti Design Institute. She also designed a First Day Cover. In the stamp design newest computer technology was employed. Both stamps depict the map of Europe in the background and the word 'Europa' forming a clock face surrounded by circular beams. In the FIM 2.10 stamp human figures are stepping out of the map, and in the FIM 2.90 stamp communications satellites and telescopes replace the human figures.  25 year old Tarja Salonen describes her work as "each of the stamps has a theme of its own. One of the stamps deals with intellectual co-operation between humans, whereas the other one's motif is more technical. In them the quest for knowledge reaches beyond European borders and beyond the earth, towards space". 2001 Stamp Odyssey Stamp New Zealand Issue Date: 16/01/2001 The miniature sheet incorporates stamps from the Scenic Definitive range, in values of 90c, $1.00, $1.10 and $1.30. The Exhibition was held in Invercargill 16 - 18 March 2001. Staged by the Southland Philatelic Society, the exhibition featured some world-class thematic exhibits displaying space and space travel.
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