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Stamp Profile Europe in Space Malta Issue Date: 16/03/1991 Issued on the 16th March 1991 Malta produced two Space stamps. The 10c stamp shows EUROSTAR, the latest generation of spacecraft built by British Aerospace of UK and Matra Espace of France. Planned for 60 years of orbit life, Eurostar meets a wide range of communications missions with minimal launch mass, eventually resulting in higher fuel for the satellite and longer life. No less than 13 models are on order by customers which include Britain, France, Spain and a special pan-European radio service. The stamp depicts Eurostar in space, and its planned use on Earth, that is forms of telecommunication. The 35c stamp shows the two principal forms of space vehicles of European design and construction. On the left is Ariane 4, the highly successful French space launcher of most European satellites. The rocket and booster in fact include various contributions from other European countries. In the Center is HOTOL (Horizontal Take-off and Landing), which is Britain's latest contribution to space research. The innovative concept consists of an aerospaceplane which can take off in the same manner as a conventional aircraft. It is a single stage orbit vehicle, it is unmanned and is totally reusable. HOTOL is expected to become a multi-national co-operation programme of true European proportions.  (We are grateful to the Malta Philatelic Bureau for this Information). Solar System Indonesia  Issue Date: 16/03/2001 Old Greek civilization is the first that had got understanding about the skies objects and their mevements. At the beginning people believed Ptolemaeus System, which told that earth. This believed has been continued for centiries. Until in the 15th century, Nicolaus Copernicus, the Poland's star scientist gave the idea that the center of the universe was the Sun, not Earth. This idea is considered is the birth of the modern astronomy. In the development, the modern astronomy has been growing with the works of great astronomists like Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, and Isaac Newton. Beside that, there were another important discoveries : the Telescope and Watch, which enabled to solve the secrets of the skies and measure time accurately. These are much influenced the development of modern astronomy. The "Solar System" stamp series is issued on 1 Januari 2001 to celebrate the 21st century and 3rd Millennium,. The stamp series depict the Sun and nine planets : Mercury, venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter,Saturn, Uranus, Neputne, and Pluto. 50th Anniversary of the first men in space San Marino Issue date: 5th April 2011 The Soviet Union Aboard the Vostok 1 spaceship, the cosmonaut Jurij Gagarin (1934 –1968) makes the first orbital flight around the Earth and then lands in the Saratov region. He leaves the space capsule, which brought him safe and sound through the atmosphere, with an ejection seat and ends his historical space flight by parachute. The event marks the first milestone in the space conquest. Americans take up the Russian challenge on the 5th May 1961. The cosmonaut Alan Bartlett Shepard (1923-1998) orbits aboard the Mercury spaceship called Freedom 7, reaching the height of 185 km and the speed of 8.262 km/h. He is the first American cosmonaut to travel into space. Stamp Details: The stamp of €0.50 portrays Gagarin set against the Soviet Union flag and the stamp of € 2.40 portrays Shepard set against the American flag.
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