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Stamp Profile From one millennium to the next French Polynesia Issue Date: 29/12/2000 Each year when New Year's Eve unfolds on this planet, crowned with its festive wreaths, no one can resist reflecting upon the upcoming new year and what it will bring in terms of happiness and hope. The change from one year to the next is a moment of intense emotion for everyone, but what occurs when it involves changing from one century to the next or, as will soon happen, changing from one millennium to the next? It amounts to whether one wants to live intensely at a particular moment. Since the beginning of time, man has not witnessed all that many millennium changes. We hear of incredible stories about what happened a thousand years ago. The beliefs during those obscure times hardly compare with the Cartesianism practised today. And none of them believed that the end of the world had arrived. For the people of Tahiti & Her Islands, undoubtedly more than with other populations, this change from one millennium to the next is promising, offering new hopes. The change so long awaited for a new Polynesia, more real, more autonomous, but equally more open to the world, more calm in its certitudes, should bring an era of prosperity and affluence to the people of our islands. The eternal confidence among the "Ma'ohi", or Polynesians, in their lucky star, and the era of the Internet and its local "Metu@" network will allow them to enter the approaching millennium with strong arguments. New technologies, adapted to the world of our tropical archipelagos, will create a new race of Polynesians, more in tune with their time, with their traditions and roots finally better understood. Meteorological Achievements China - Peoples Republic Issue Date: 22/11/2000 State Post Bureau decided to issue a set of four special stamps under the title of "Meteorological Achievements" on November 22, 2000. The total face value is 5.20 RMB. The stamps are entitled "A Meteorological Satellite", "An Exploration on Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau", "Numerical Weather Prediction" and "Rainfall Enhancement" respectively. China has a large territory, a complex topography, and various climate features. As it is closely interrelated with national socioeconomic activities, the meteorological science and technology in China have undergone a substantial progress since the founding of the New China. At present, China is in an advanced position among the developing countries in terms of extensive meteorological modernization, scientific and technical level, operational services and skills, and achievements in meteorological research. In some areas, the Chinese meteorology has reached the world advanced level, and it has made its due contribution not only to the social and economic development in China but also to the world meteorology. This set of stamps is designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the world Meteorological Organization, a specialized agency in the United Nations and to demonstrate the major outstanding achievements in meteorology in this country. Priority Mail Stamp Marks Moon Landing Milestone U.S.A. Issue Date: 20/07/1989 Design by Chris Calle, son of original Moon Landing stamp artist. The stamp, which features two men planting the Stars and Stripes on the lunar surface, enjoys a legacy of its own. The designer, Christopher Calle, is the son of Paul Calle, the veteran illustrator who produced the first Moon Landing tribute (Scott C76). First issued on September 9, 1969, that 10cent airmail stamp was to become one of the most popular and recognizable postage stamps ever issued. At the time he developed the design, the senior Calle was a longstanding member of the NASA Fine Arts Program, capturing on canvas the drama and excitement of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions. He was the only artist present with the Apollo 11 crewmembers on the morning of their historic voyage. (The original director of the NASA Fine Arts Program, James Dean, now serves as a design coordinator for the U.S. Postal Service's Citizens' Stamp Committee). Like the memorable work his father created for the 1969 stamp, Christopher Calle's original mixed media design is based on NASA photographs of astronauts practicing various maneuvers before the actual flight.
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