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Stamp Profile STAMPIN' THE FUTURE Singapore Issue Date: 20/10/2000 As the world celebrates the dawn of a new millennium, there is probably no better way to look into the future than through the eyes, hearts and minds of our children. They dream of more sophisticated science and technology that shape our future lifestyles, our quest for peace and harmony and the need for more efficient use of our world's valuable resources. Theirs is a dream of a bright and peaceful, progressive and harmonious future. Singapore Post joined in a worldwide youth stamp design project inviting children from age groups 8 to 12 years old to express their visions of the future on drawings in 1998. Twenty- seven countries participated in this project. Each country conducted its own youth stamp design contest and jointly issue the stamps featuring their respective winning drawings in 2000. Singapore's contest was aimed at cultivating the creativity and learning of children. The four winning drawings by Gwendolyn Soh, Dawn Koh, Shaun Yew Chuan Bin and Liu Jiang Wen were adapted into a set of four stamp designs. Gwendolyn drew "a boy playing games on a computer with a robot serving food" to show Home Automation. Dawn drew the Floating Cities with space ships, buildings and flying bus, she believes that "buses will be able to fly and space ships will be a common sight in the air". Shaun thinks that there would not be enough space on Earth to build anymore cities. He drew cities suspended in space to depict Future Homes. Jiang Wen shares similar view that people will live in space. He depicts the new age infrastructure that will be used in the new millennium for his drawing on Future Lifestyles.   Joint Satellite Recovery Survey Mission Pitcairn Island Issue Date: 07/07/2000 The sheetlet to celebrate the Pitcairn and United States Air Force Joint Satellite Recovery Survey Mission to Henderson Island is released on 7 July to mark the opening of the World Stamp Expo at Anaheim, Los Angeles where we will be operating a booth. The Expo is centred on the theme of Space Exploration and Travel, a topic, which has some significance to Pitcairn. Initially we intended taking a Millennium Part III stamp and developing it into a sheetlet for the exhibition, which is why both of these issue have the same date of issue. It was Garth Harraway, Pitcairn's former Commissioner who prompted us to search the archives for reference material on the 1966 survey conducted by the United States Air Force. Dusting off the archived files, we found one marked 'Secret'. The file contained a report which described the purpose of the mission. The US Satellite Launching site was moved from Florida to Vandenburg airbase, just north of Los Angeles, from which satellites could be launched on a trajectory to directly cross the South Pole, without over-flying any landmass. The Pitcairn Islands lie within a few hundred miles of the crucial point at which any launch may fail when a satellite would attempt to break through the earth's atmosphere. Uninhabited Henderson Island was identified as an ideal site for an airbase whose function would be the recovery of satellite "whether manned or not". The survey was completed and by personnel of the United States Air Force with assistance from the Pitcairn Islanders. The USNS Sunnyvale a satellite recovery vessel, was the mission support vessel. Although the survey was completed and plans drawn, the proposed airstrip failed to gain support at a higher level and the project was abandoned. The 'Secret' file revealed a map showing the plans for the airfield and an album of black and white photographs of the survey team in action with some tremendous aerial shots of the unusual coral pinnacles, a distinctive feature of the Henderson Island landscape. The map is reproduced on the First Day Cover of this issue and the photographs provided the artist with a wonderful reference for his design. In 1988, Henderson Island was declared a World Heritage Site. Today it is visited by just a few cruise vessels and yachts and the Pitcairners still make regular visits to collect Miro wood to carve into souvenirs which are sold to tourists. Another feature of the sheetlet, is the Inmarsat satellite. It is through this satellite that Pitcairner communicate by voice or fax. Inmarsat A and Inmarsat M communications systems are both used on Pitcairn today.
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