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Stamp Profile World Stamp Expo 2000 USA. "Achievements and Future in Space" Netherlands Antilles Issue Date: 21/06/2000 Space exploration as we know it today started in the 6th decade of the 20th century. Since then, there have been many activities: from robot probes hurled into space, rocket engines, to human beings venturing beyond the limits of earth's atmosphere and landing on the moon. Probes have since those early days gone on to explore the far realms of the solar system and beyond. The 75 cent stamp shows a space shuttle, symbolic for all space shuttles launched since the first in 1981, Columbia. The U.S. Space Shuttle is a reusable spacecraft designed to be launched into orbit by rockets and then return to the earth's surface by gliding down and landing on a runway. The space shuttle, planned as a replacement for expensive expendable booster rockets, would complete NASA's new Space Transportation System. This stamp is homage to all the brave men and women, who venture into space to, find new horizons for humankind. Both the 225 cent stamp and the souvenir sheet (which also has a 225 cent stamp) depict a futuristic view of space colonisation. Space exploration has always tickled human curiosity. Today it includes the investigation of a wide range of celestial objects, from cosmic dust to the planets of the solar system and the sun itself. Many space flight theorists have explored the concept of large habitats on a different planet, hosting hundreds or thousands of inhabitants in the 20th century. The term `space station' usually denotes a permanent inhabitable base that orbits the Earth or perhaps in the future, another planet. They have long been envisioned as bases for scientific research, facilities for manufacturing and as locales for large human colonies. On the souvenir sheet one can see the artist's interpretation of what a space station could look like. Space Tonga Issue Date: 07/07/2000 Designer: Dave Gunson, Auckland, New Zealand Timed to coincide with the Stamp Show 2000 in Anaheim, California on 7 July 2000, the Kingdom of Tonga released a stunning miniature sheet and issue of four stamps to highlight their involvement in the Space programme. Tongasat is a Tonga-based company, set up in 1987 and owned by several principals including Her Royal Highness, Princess Salote Pilolevu Tuita. It controls the geostationary orbital slots that have been allocated by the International Telecommunications Union and provides financial contributions to the Government of Tonga. Four of Tongasat's seven slots are currently occupied, two by Intersputnik and two by Apstar and the two satellites that have been launched to fill these slots feature on the stamps. 10 seneti stamp: The Proton RU 500 launch vehicle for the Gorizont satellite. The launch vehicle is made up of 4 stages and was originally developed to fly by the moon with a manned capsule. $1.00 stamp: The Long March 3 launch vehicle sending the Apstar1 satellite into space. The LM3 vehicle was designed and built in China and launched via the China Great Wall Industry Corporation. $2.50 stamp: Apstar 1 communication satellite at 138 degrees East. Built by Hughes Space and Communications, this satellite was launched in 1994 and provides communications over the area footprint bounded in the north by North and South Korea; south by Indonesia; east by Japan; and west by part of Russia. $2.70 stamp: The Russian-built, Lockheed Martin-leased Gorizont satellite, one of two in Tongasat orbital slots that are used for fixed satellite service. Their power parameters make it possible to retransmit television and radio programs, voice, fax, telex messages and data. $5.20 miniature sheet: Featuring both satellites described above and carries the Anaheim logo. This stunning trapezoid-shaped sheet shows the stamps within the solar system, and the sheet is enhanced with silver foil for text, stars and within the stamps themselves. ©Info by New Zealand Post
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