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Stamp Profile Space and Communications Stamp Issue Vanuatu Issue Date: 21/06/2000 Designer: Dave Gunson, Auckland, New Zealand The republic of Vanuatu utilises a modern satellite communications network through INTELSAT 802 at 174 degrees East. This service is provided by INTELSAT, a government-to-government worldwide recognised organization based in Washington DC. This service to the Pacific region allows Vanuatu vastly improved communications both internationally and locally. In addition vital access is possible regardless of weather conditions, in business, education, aviation, shipping, weather and international resource libraries. 10 vatu stamp Launch Vehicle: This stamp shows the launch of the Ariane 44LP rocket transporting its precious payload, Intelsat satellite 802 to its orbital slot at 174 degrees east from where it services the Western Pacific. The rocket is seen accelerating away from the launch platform gantry at the Euro Space Port at Kourou in French Guiana. 34 vatu stamp Earth Station: The earth station situated over the harbour of Port Vila dominates this stamp, which includes the islands of Iririki and Ifira. This station is part of the network that enables communications to be carried out from Torres in the north to Aneityum in the south, a spread of some 700 kilometres. 100 vatu Intelsat 802: The deployed satellite is seen over the archipelago of Vanuatu. The importance of providing a fully digitalised network that operates efficiently in extreme weather conditions is vital. 225 vatu stamp Communications: his image illustrates the communication systems of the past as well as the present. The stamp contrasts the village communication via the29/08/06 which communicates to the world village. ©Info by New Zealand Post The first Successful Test Flight of China's "Shenzhou" Spaceship China-Peoples Republic Issue Date: 20/11/2000 State Post Bureau issued a set of two stamps on November 20, 2000, to commemorate the successful test flight of China'29/08/06ace value of 1.60 RMB. The titles of the stamps are "Soaring Rocket" and "Roaming the Outerspace. " On November 20, 1999, China President successfully launched its first experimental manned spaceship. Both the spaceship and the carrier rocket were designed and manufactured by China. President Jiang Zemin, who is also secretary-general of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and chairman of the Central Military Commission, named the spaceship "ShenZhou". The spaceship flew 21 hours around the earth, after it completed the missions including space environment monitoring, material and life science experiments etc. It successfully reentried and landed at predicted spot. The success marked a step forward for China's peaceful utilization of the outer space and set anther milestone in the country's space history. The stamps are issued for the first anniversary of ShenZhou's successful test flight.
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