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Stamp Profile Youth Care stamps 2000 Netherlands Antilles Issue Date: 20/05/2000 The 40 cent stamp with a 15 cent surcharge shows a child who is trying to make contact with the universe and ends up all the way with the stars and the moon. The 75 cent stamp with a 25 cent surcharge also seeks out space. Here we see children taking to space via the Internet. For with this international network all computer users can interconnect. If there is one thing that daily increasingly occupies both the older and the younger generations, it is the Internet. And the expectations are that the use of the Internet and of all its existing and still to be invented possibilities will keep our youth even more enthralled than the older generations among us. The internet is one of the means that make the borders in our world fade away. And it is not only Europe that is thriving for integration. Globalization is noticeable all over the world. Space Australia Issue Date: 03/10/2000 The Space themed stamps present a view of life on Mars in the not too distant future. The design shows the human face of space exploration with a fantasy, grounded in reality. The six stamps in the issue (45c) and miniature sheet are: Launch site and Spacecraft (large definitive size), Astronaut and Terrain (commemorative size) and Flight crew and Robots (small definitive size). First day covers (s/a and gummed), a sticker book, stamp pack, collector pack, and maximum cards (six) and postcards (six) make up the issue. A new Stamp Collecting Starter Kit with the theme of space, will also be released. RTV on satellite stamp San Marino Issue date: 13th June 2012 A satellite with the inscription “SM TV” which observes the world in its wholeness. This is the symbolic image chosen for the stamp dedicated to the television channel of the Republic of San Marino. It arrived “in the space” on June 13th of last year, the television directed by Carmen Lasorella, and that will be now celebrated from the philatelic world. It’s a new and exciting adventure for the headquarters of SM TV located in Viale Kennedy in San Marino. It has been established in 1991 and went on air in 1993. On three platforms, two on Sky and one on TV Sat, the San Marino television is addressed to an international public. It is the ideal stage for the promotion of the natural beauties and values that distinguish the Republic. The informative offer of the San Marino channel has been called “glocal” and it will focus on local news but also on information regarding the confining regions, but it will also talk about facts that involve the whole world. It will deal with social, ethic and scientific subjects but also with innovation that this channel mostly promotes. Sm TV is, as a matter of fact, working hard to become an experimental laboratory of multimedia formats characterized by high technology and interactive communication. In the meantime the Philatelic and Numismatic Office has decided to celebrate the first year on the satellite with a special stamp. As if tradition and innovation in order to give the best must always contaminate each other.
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