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Stamp Profile Galileo Galilei Bosnia and Herzegovina Date of issue Galileo Galilei was an Italian mathematician, physicist, inventor, and astronomer. He was born on 15th February in 1564 in Pisa. When he was eleven, he went to the monastery Valombrosa, near Florence, where he spent the next six years, he studied grammar, rhetoric, arithmetic, and the basics of Latin and ancient Greek. As a math teacher, he worked at two universities in Pisa (1589-1592) and Padua (1592-1610). Bykovski & Tereshkova Space Flights Bulgaria Date of issue August 26, 1963 This complete set of four airmail stamps commemorates the space flights of Lt. Col. Valeri F. Bykovski (June 14-19, 1963) and Valentina Tereshkova (June 16-19, 1963). Tereshkova was the first woman cosmonaut. First Manned Moon Landing  Palau Date of issue July 20, 1994 The former U.S. Trust Territory of Palau issued this mint sheet of 20 stamps on July 20, 1994, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the first manned Moon landing. The stamps feature various scenes from Apollo moon missions. Text in the sheet selvage (bottom) describes the images on the stamps. Project Mercury Issue United States Date of issue February 20, 1962 On February 20, 1962, Col. John Glenn became the first U.S. astronaut in orbit, circling the earth three times (at 17,500 miles per hour) in the Mercury space capsule, "Friendship 7." This mint stamp was placed on sale in 305 selected post offices throughout the United States on February 20, 1962, at the exact hour the historic flight was officially completed (this was the first time the U.S. honoured an event with an unannounced, simultaneously issued commemorative stamp).
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