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Stamp Profile 2001 Space Odyssey - Isle of Man 2001 Stamp Odyssey - New Zealand Europe in Space 1991 - Austria Europe In Space 1991 - Gibraltar Europe in Space 1991 - Sweden Europe in Space 1991 - Jersey Europe in Space 1991 - Isle of Man Europe in Space 1991 - Norway Europe in Space 1991 - Denmark Europe in Space 1991 - Malta Europe in Space 1991 - Cyprus Europe in Space 1991 - Hungary Europe in Space 1991 - Finland Europe in Space 1991 - Great Britain From one millennium to the next - French Polynesia Meteorological Achievements - China The first Successful Test Flight of China's "Shenzhou" Spaceship - China Success in 20th Century (The Universe) - North Korea Aflenz Earth Radio Station - Austria Europa 1988 - Austria UN Space Conference in Vienna - Austria Austro Mir 91 - Austria 100th Birthday of Space Pioneer Hermann Potocnik - Austria Astronomer Johannes Kepler - Austria 25th Anniversary of the Moon Landing - New Zealand 25th Anniversary US Manned Space Flight - Ascension Philately Day - The First Israeli Astronaut - Israel Solar System - Indonesia Conquest of Space - Marshall Islands 40th Anniversary of 1st Manned Space Flight - Marshall Islands From Prime to Space Shuttle - Marshall Islands International Space Year Stamps - Japan Astrophysics Stamps - Sweden 25th Anniversary of Harry Bayley Observatory - Barbados Space and Communication - Niuafo'ou UN International Year for Space - Malawi Youth Care stamps 2000 - Netherlands Antilles Space - Australia Space Achievement and Exploration - U.S.A. Priority Mail Stamp Marks Moon Landing Milestone - U.S.A. Stampin' the Future - Singapore Joint Satellite Recovery Survey Mission - Pitcairn Island Achievements and Future in Space - Netherlands Antilles Space - Tonga Space and Communications Stamp Issue - Vanuatu RTV on satellite stamp - San Marino 50th Anniversary of the first men in space - San Marino 50th Anniversary of the first man to travel into our space - Monaco First Man To Travel To Space - Hungary 50 Years of Manned Space Flight commemorate - Austria 50th Anniversary of human space flight - United Nations 50th Anniversary stamps for first manned Spaceflight - U.S.A. Satellites - Lithuania Space Science - United Kingdom 450th Anniversary of the birth of Galileo Galilei - San Marino Signs of the Sky - Finland Prof. RNDr. Zdeněk Kopal - Czech Republic Galileo Galilei - Bosnia and Herzegovina Bykovski & Tereshkova Space Flights - Bulgaria First Manned Moon Landing - Palau Project Mercury Issue - United States "Space Twins" Issue - United States Apollo 8 Issue - United States Decade of Space Achievements - United States Skylab Project - United States Pioneer Space Issue - United States Mariner 10 Space Issue - United States Apollo Soyuz Issue - United States Exploration of Mars - Grenada Viking Missions Issue - United States Space Achievements - United States Moon Landing; 20th Anniversary - United States Space Exploration Issue  - United States Space Accomplishments - United States Space Fantasy Issue - United States Moon Landing Anniversary - United States Mars Pathfinder Issue - United States
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