A Year in Space

by George A. Spiteri 

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Tuesday July 26th 1988

Titov and Manarov had noticed a thin layer of dust/film on the outside of their portholes. It was decided that on their next EVA they should clean the space station windows!

Wednesday July 27th 1988

The cosmonauts performed astrophysical experiments aboard Kvant and in particular, looked at the X-ray pulsar in Hercules.

Thursday July 28th 1988

Today is the 221st day of their space marathon and both cosmonauts feel fine.

Friday July 29th 1988

The cosmonauts continued unloading Progress 37 and did general housekeeping chores.

Saturday July 30th and Sunday July 31st 1988

Another weekend-off.

Monday August 1st and Tuesday August 2nd 1988

Titov and Manarov did earth resources studies of the forest fires in the Urals and Southern Siberia; they reported that they could see the fires through their portholes with the naked eye.

Wednesday August 3rd and Thursday August 4th 1988

The cosmonauts used infra—red sensors to measure the temperature and check the condensation of Mir’s interior.

Friday August 5th 1988

The crew continued with earth resources studies. They also had another medical check-up. The doctors on the ground pronounced them in good health.

Saturday August 6th and Sunday August 7th 1988

Rest days for the cosmonauts.

Monday August 8th 1988

The cosmonauts finished the unloading of Progress and then fired its engines to put the Mir complex in a 375 x 355 km orbit with a period of 91 .5 minutes and an inclination of 51.6°.

Tuesday August 9th 1988

The shock news was received today of the death of Anatoli Levchenko. He apparently died of a brain tumour. “Pravda” later published an obituary signed by Titov, Manarov and other prominent personalities.

Wednesday August 10th 1988

The Soviet—Afghan flight was confirmed today to begin on August 29th, 1988 at 04:23 GMT. It was originally scheduled for 1989 but brought forward before the final Soviet pull—out of troops from Afghanistan (due February 15th 1989).

Thursday August 11th 1988

The cosmonauts have completed their unloading of Progress and have filled it with unwanted materials.

Friday August 12th 1988

Progress 37 was undocked at 04:32 GMT and burnt up in the atmosphere an planned.

Saturday August 13th and Sunday August 14th 1988

Weekend rest days.

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