by George A. Spiteri 

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Monday August 15th and Tuesday August 16th 1988

Titov and Manarov carried out earth resources and atmospheric studies.

Wednesday August 17th to Friday August 19th 1988

The cosmonauts did earth resources studies of the U.S.S.R.

Saturday August 20th and Sunday August 21st 1988

Weekend off.

Monday August 22nd 1988

The crew had a medical check-up and performed astrophysical experiments.

Tuesday August 23rd 1988

The cosmonauts were in the middle of a detailed remote sensing experiment called Tien Shan Intercosmos 88 (this was carried out between August 11th and September 1st 1988).

Wednesday August 24th to Friday August 26th 1988

Titov and Manarov continued with earth resources studies of the agricultural areas of the U.S.S.R., the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

Saturday August 27th and Sunday August 28th 1988

Rest days for the crew. Meanwhile, at the Baikonur Cosmodrome Soyuz TM6 was being prepared for its flight into space.

Monday August 29th 1988

Soyuz TM 6 was launched at 04:23 GMT carrying Commander Vladimir Lyakhov, Doctor Valery Polyakov and Afghan Abdul Ahad Mohmand. There was again extensive radio and television coverage of the blast-off in what was; for the Soviet Union and Afghanistan, a very symbolic mission.

As a symbolic gesture, Afghan President Najibullah announced that the Afghan armed forces were to halt any further hostilities with opposition forces for the duration of the space flight.

Vladimir Lyakhov, Doctor Valery Polyakov and Abdul Ahad Mohmand.

Tuesday August 30th 1988

Soyuz TM 6 spent today chasing Mir prior to tomorrow’s docking. Veteran cosmonaut Vladimir Lyakhov said that he had a hard time getting the two newcomers Polyakov and Mohmand away from the portholes admiring the view of earth.

Wednesday August 31st 1988

Soyuz TM 6 docked with Mir at 05:41 GMT (9 minutes early). As usual, there was live coverage of the docking and of the transfer of the new crew into Mir to be greeted by Titov and Manarov. Dr. Valery Polyakov will stay on Mir probably until April 1989 to monitor Titov and Manarov’s health and give them psychological support. He will then monitor the health of the cosmonauts who replaced Titov and Manarov.

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