A Year in Space

by George A. Spiteri 

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Monday October 3rd 1988

Titov and Manarov began preparations for a third EVA.

Tuesday October 4th to Friday October 7th 1988

The crew performed more routine experiments.

Saturday October 8th and Sunday October 9th 1988

Another weekend-off for the cosmonauts.

Monday October 10th to Friday October 14th 1988

The cosmonauts spent the week conducting astrophysical experiments of the Supernova of the Large Magellanic Cloud and according to scientists the first results look very promising.

Saturday October 15th and Sunday October 16th 1988

Another weekend-off for the cosmonauts.

Monday October 17th to Wednesday October 19th 1988

Titov and Manarov continued to prepare for their important space walk due on October 20th. They would wear new space suits and try to repair the telescope outside the Kvant module (this EVA would be a continuation of the June 30th EVA). Dr. Polyakov would remain inside the station co-ordination the space walk.

Thursday October 20th 1988

The three cosmonauts got up early at 01:00 GMT (04:00 Moscow time), Dr. Polyakov did a thorough medical check-up of Titov and Manarov and said that they were ready to do their space walk. At 06:59 GMT Musa Manarov opened the hatch and floated into open space followed by his Commander. They went 20 metres to Kvant and fixed an anchoring device for better stability. The two space-walking cosmonauts first removed the heat insulation cover and freed the old sensor (this task had failed in the June EVA). Then Titov reported to Mission Control: “The sensor unit has been replaced, the tools designed specially for the purpose and method of their use has proved to be effective, all electrical connections have been made”.

This EVA was an outstanding success as the cosmonauts had finally fixed the X-ray telescope, once again proving the value of man in space. Prior to the end of their EVA, the cosmonauts also installed an antenna for communicating to radio hams and cleaned the portholes of the station as planned (some television reports said that this activity had been an impromptu decision). Titov and Manarov said they even had time to admire the beauty of the earth whilst outside the station. They both returned to Mir at 11:11 GMT. At Mission Control, Alexei Leonov praised the spacemen’s work and their professionalism.

Friday October 21st 1988

Titov and Manarov had spent 10 months in space today and received more congratulations from Mission Control.

Saturday October 22nd and Sunday October 23rd 1988

The cosmonauts had the weekend off.

Monday October 24th 1988

The cosmonauts began a new series of’ astrophysical experiments.

Tuesday October 25th 1988

The crew used the recently repaired telescope to take unique X-ray pictures and the first results looked promising.

Wednesday October 26th to Friday October 28th 1988

The cosmonauts had been checking the equipment and the control systems of Mir. They also conducted astrophysical experiments with the magnetic spectrometer Maria carrying out a series of studies linked with a flow of high energy particles and their interaction with the earth’s radiation belts. They also conducted experiments of the ecological situation and farmland of the U.S.S.R.

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