by George A. Spiteri 

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Saturday October 29th and Sunday October 30th 1988

The three cosmonauts had another weekend-off.

Monday October 31st and Tuesday November 1st 1988

The cosmonauts completed two series of astrophysical experiments under the international Roentgen project. They observed the Crab Nebula and a major X-ray source in the Minor Magellanic Cloud. They also took pictures of various regions in the U.S.S.R. to study the conditions of farmlands and zones polluted with industrial waste.

Wednesday November 2nd and Thursday November 3rd 1988

Titov, Manarov and Polyakov prepared equipment for the forthcoming Soviet-French flight. (This flight was delayed from November 21st to November 26th to allow French President Mitterand to witness the launch.)

Friday November 4th 1988

The cosmonauts took photographs of the Pamir and Caucasus to look for gas and oil deposits.

Saturday November 5th and Sunday November 6th 1988


Monday November 7th to Thursday 10th 1988

The cosmonauts did astrophysical experiments with the Glazar and the Roentgen apparatus.

Friday November 11th 1988

Vladimir Titov and Musa Manarov broke Yuri Romanenko’s space endurance record. They were congratulated by Moscow Mission Control and according to medical data, are in good health; Titov has lost 2 kilos whilst Manarov has gained weight. Moreover, the changes in their volume of leg muscles have been less compared with other flights.

Saturday November 12th and Sunday November 13th 1988

The cosmonauts had their usual weekend of rest during which they exercised on the mini stadium aboard Mir and spoke to relatives and friends.

Monday November 14th and Tuesday November 15th 1988

The three cosmonauts conducted astrophysical experiments and are also preparing experiments for the soviet-French space flight.

Wednesday November 16th and Thursday November 17th 1988

The crew continued intensive preparations for the upcoming Soviet-French space flight. It was announced that the launch of Soyuz TM 7 would be at 15:50 GMT on November 26th.

Friday November 18th 1988

The three cosmonauts spoke to short-wave amateur radio enthusiasts with the help of an antenna they installed on their recent EVA.

Saturday November 19th and Sunday November 20th 1988

The cosmonauts had another weekend-off.

Monday November 21st 1988

At a pre-flight press conference, the Commander of the Soviet-French flight, Alexander Volkov, said the highlight of the flight would be a 2hour 35 minute EVA with Jean-Loup Chretien of France. (It was explained that the EVA would last altogether 6 hours including suiting-up, egress and ingress).

Tuesday November 22nd 1988

In another pre-flight interview, Jean-Loup Chretien said that apace should be used for International co-operation. Meanwhile, in orbit, Titov, Manarov and Polyakov continued to prepare for the Joint flight.

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