A Year in Space 23

A Year in Space


space station

by George A. Spiteri 

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Wednesday December 14th 1988

ManarovAt 14:50 GMT Titov and Manarov officially broke the space endurance record by 10% (this is under IAF rules). They were congratulated by Mission Control.

Thursday December 15th 1988

The cosmonauts performed cardio-vascular tests and various other medical examinations.

Friday December 16th 1988

The crew carried out more experiments under the joint Soviet/French programme.

Saturday December 17th 1988

The six cosmonauts did more medical experiments: in particular man’s adaptation to weightlessness.

Sunday December 18th 1988

The cosmonauts held a news conference with journalists in Mission Control and continued their experiments. Titov and Manarov transferred the results of their year-long flight into the Soyuz TM 6 craft in readiness for landing on December 21st.

Monday December 19th 1988

The cosmonauts spoke to President Mitterand of France who wished them a safe return to earth. They continued to prepare for the landing of Soyuz TM 6 on Wednesday.

Tuesday December 20th 1988

Titov, Manarov, and Chretien made final preparations for their return to earth tomorrow. The landing was due at approximately 07:00 GMT near the town of Arkalyk in Soviet Kazakhstan. The cosmonauts have packed up the results of their yearlong flight aboard the Soyuz TM 6 Descent Nodule. Tension was mounting in Mission Control because the last time a Soyuz returned to earth there were serious difficulties (Soyuz TM 5 in September). Titov and Manarov said they were “homesick” but it was a sad experience to be leaving Mir, their home for the last 12 months.

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