A Year in Space

by George A. Spiteri 

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Thursday January 14th 1988

Titov and Manarov began a series of astrophysical experiments aiming their telescopes at an X-ray pulsar in the Hercules constellation.

Friday January 15th 1988

Again, there were no reports on crew activities for today.

Saturday January 16th and Sunday January 17th 1988

These were the usual rest-days that the crew has on long-duration flights. However, the crew still had to replace some of the units of the on-board equipment and on Saturday evening, had a TV communications session with their families and friends.

Monday January 18th 1988

There wore astrophysical observations today. Furthermore, a series of earth resources photographs were taken of Lake Baikal and its surrounding areas plus photographs of oil spillage pollution in the world’s oceans.

Tuesday January 19th 1988

Astrophysical experiments with their ultra-violet telescopes continued. In addition, the cosmonauts performed materials processing experiments using the Korund installation aboard Mir and also a series of medical and biological experiments.

Wednesday January 20th 1988

Routine astrophysical experiments were conducted today. The first cargo craft for this current flight was launched at 22:52 GMT and placed in 191 x 277-km orbit with a period of 88.8 minutes.

Thursday January 21st 1988

The crew spent today conducting astrophysical experiments with their X-ray telescopes. In particular, they used the Glazer and Mariya equipment to measure the streams of high-energy electrons and positrons in near-earth space.

Friday January 22nd 1988

More routine experiments were conducted as the crew prepared for the docking of Progress 34.

Saturday January 23rd 1988

Progress 34 docked to the Kvant end of Mir at 00:09 GMT. The cargo craft brought fuel, new equipment, fresh water, food, and newspapers, musical cassettes and, most importantly, mail and parcels from family and friends. Consequently, the cosmonauts were “in a fine mood today” according to Radio Moscow. They began unloading Progress and amongst the cargo of food were fresh vegetables, berries and fruit that were promptly placed in the refrigerator aboard Mir for later consumption!

Sunday January 24th and Monday January 25th 1988

The crew continued to unload Progress 34.

Tuesday January 26th and Wednesday January 27th 1988

More astrophysical and technological experiments today. Titov and Manarov studied the “super-star 87” which exploded in the Great Magellanic Cloud Galaxy. They also performed a smelting process of crystals for electronic devices. With the equipment sent up by Progress, the cosmonauts replaced some of the worn-out life-support units with new ones.

Thursday January 28th 1988

The crew continued the unloading of Progress 34.

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