A Year in Space

by George A. Spiteri 

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Monday February 15th 1988

The cosmonauts continued the unloading of Progress 34 and transferring fuel from the cargo craft. They also did astrophysical experiments and more significantly, Radio Moscow said that they had “fully adapted” to weightlessness. One of the reasons for their adaptation is that they spend two hours every day doing physical exercises.

Tuesday February 16th and Wednesday February 17th 1988

The cosmonauts continued to unload Progress.

Thursday February 18th 1988

The cosmonauts had a thorough medical check-up. Doctors recommended them to intensify their physical exercises to be able to accomplish their EVA in the best way possible.

Friday February 19th 1988

More astrophysical experiments conducted today.

Saturday February 20th and Sunday February 21st 1988

The cosmonauts had their usual weekend break and it was announced that their EVA would be on February 26th.

Monday February 22nd 1988

Medical, biological and astrophysical experiments were conducted today.

Tuesday February 23rd 1988

Titov and Manarov began preparing for their EVA.

Wednesday February 24th 1988The cosmonauts checked their space suits for pressurisation.

Thursday February 25th 1988

Another medical check-up prior to tomorrow’s EVA. The cosmonauts were busy making last-minute checks for the space walk.

Friday February 26th 1988

The cosmonauts began their space walk at 09:30 GMT when Titov and Manarov opened the hatch whilst Mir was out of radio contact with Mission Control f1ying over South America. They successfully installed a new section of an experimental solar battery to obtain power.

There was live TV and radio coverage during the key stages of the EVA. The cosmonauts went back inside Mir at 13:55 GMT. In Mission Control several cosmonauts praised this first space walk by Titov and Manarov. Alexander Laveikin told journalists that he was pleased with the EVA especially as he had done a similar last year. Valeri Ryumin said that the new section installed virtually comprises all contemporary elements needed to transform solar energy into electricity.

Vladimir Solovyov (Ryumin’s deputy at Mission Control) said that the latest EVA was an attempt not at repair but to make the batteries longer-lasting. Everyone in Mission Control spoke highly of Titov and Manarov’s work.

Saturday February 27th and Sunday February 28th 1988

A well—deserved weekend-off after their space walk for the cosmonauts.

Monday February 29th to Thursday March 3rd 1988

The cosmonauts completed the unloading of Progress 34 and filled it with refuse prior to undocking.

Friday March 4th 1988

At 03:40 GMT Progress 34 was separated from Mir and burnt up in the earth’s atmosphere as planned at an unspecified time.                           

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