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A Legend of Errors – This is an example of an all-too-common error on recent issues.

The ODYSSEY – It’s mission is to launch communication satellites using Russian-built rockets.

From Copernicus to Jodrell Bank – From the dawn of time man has been beguiled by and maintained a spellbound enchantment with the Heavens.

Project Mercury – The programme began in November 1958 and N.A.S.A. issued a contract to the
McDonnell Aircraft Corporation on……..

Galactic Quest – There are estimated to be as many galaxies visible in the Universe as there are stars in the Milky way — well over 100,000 million.

The Chief Designer – He was known only by his title – Chief Designer, for officially he did not exist.

Bill Thornton – A Doctor In Space – On October 24, 1991 I was privileged to attend a lecture by Dr. William Thornton, a veteran of two Space Shuttle flights in 1983 and 1985.

The First Romanian Cosmonaut – Over 20 years ago, on May 14th, 1981, the first cosmonaut from Romania went to space on board Soyuz 40.

A Year in Space – This is a day-by-day account of the odyssey of Cosmonauts Vladimir Titov and Musa Manarov, the first human beings to spend an entire year in earth orbit aboard the Soviet Mir space station.

STAMPEX – Those members who have received a Certificate of Participation for their display at STAMPEX may be interested to know that I used that pen to sign the certificates.

Moonwalkers – Between July 1969 and December 1972 just 12 Americans walked on the Moon — a stunning achievement brought about by the bravery of a group of astronauts.

Space Invader – As the 40th anniversary approached Jeff Dugdale looks at the philatelic issues commemorating this historic flight.

A Sensation – He managed to get 1000 covers on board the Mir station, which were cancelled in space and were transported back to earth at the end of 1987.

Who was First – A propeller was mounted directly onto the engine’s drive-shaft above and forward of the pilot”. Pearse also built his own engine!

Georgi Grechko – I’m not ashamed to say that George and I were like two little boys at the end of our meeting with Mr. Grechko, emerging with autographed pictures in our hands.

Tony Bird Looks Back – I got my A.S.S.S. Binders off the shelf and started flipping once more through the early editions. As I did, so the memories started to come back.

Etiquettes – John Berry, the owner of an outstanding collection of Space thematic stamps and especially covers, has designed etiquettes that celebrate 2001 space commemorations.

Yuri Gagarin – Yuri Gagarin literally rocketed to fame when he became the first man in space in 1961. Strapped into a tiny spherical space capsule, Gagarin made a complete orbit of the earth.

Space Spifs – The first space perfins comes from Germany, West Germany to be precise because at the time of issue there were two Germanies as you’ll know.

Walking on Air – A short history of Spacewalking on Stamps by Jeff Dugdale.

Bhutan Remembered – I have now received the sheet which contains all fifteen stamps and it is so large that it is only suitable for framing or filing in a tubular cardboard container. 

2001 – A Space Odyssey – 2001: A Space Odyssey is about HAL, a highly sophisticated computer who becomes paranoid and kills off all but one of the crew on board a spaceship.

Valeri Bykovsky – A report by his commanding officers described him as a “bold, intelligent pilot,” who was “calm in flight, and makes fast decisions in complex situations.”

Avion Thematics Cinderellas – An attractive fusion between Science Fiction and Philatelic Fantasy.

The Yunnan Observatory – A multi-purpose institution with astrophysics as its main subject, the Observatory consists of five separate departments.

The Eagle has landed – With the launch of Apollo 11 NASA came of age, for this was the 21st manned space-flight by the USA and what better way to celebrate than by a moon landing.

Malta – 25th Anniversary Apollo 11 – I believe there are two ways in which we tend to look at history. On one hand there are those who, oblivious of what is really happening around them….