Asteroid Day 2021 Stamp

Post Luxembourg Philately have produced a stamp and postcard to celebrate 2021 Asteroid Day on June 30. This time the stamp is in 3D and 3D glasses are included for every customer that buys the stamp and postcard.

 The asteroid featured is Ryugu which the Japanese Hayabusa 2 spacecraft visited. Dr Brian May, astrophysicist, co-founder of Asteroid Day and lead guitarist of the bank Queen and colleague Claudia Manzori, teamed up to create some incredible stereoscopic images of the asteroid Ryugu using images from the Hayabusa 2 spacecraft.

 These images were then taken by JAXA, the Japanese space agency, and created the red and blue image which has been featured on the postage stamp and postcard so that people could view the stamp with the 3D glasses. Such stereoscopic imagery is now providing scientists with new insights into the true composition and shape of the asteroids so changing our perception of them.

 The stamp and postcard can be obtained through the Post Luxembourg Philately website at

2021 Asteroid Day stamp

2021 Asteroid Day postcard