Avion Thematics Produce Space Cinderellas

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Roger West of Avion Thematics which advertises in Orbit has had a very original idea and has realised it in producing 10 space fantasy stamps and 7 covers, already referred to in the philatelic press as “an attractive fusion between Science Fiction and Philatelic Fantasy”.

Of the two concepts his fantasy covers, produced below, are the more interesting as they purport to be solar mail, complete with handstamps explaining delays and bear other postal media such as official postal service labels and commercial cachets.

The stamps are 95p each or the set of 10 stamps cost £7:50 and the covers cost £4:50 apiece.

If you would like to purchase any of these you can contact Roger via email: avion@dircon.co.uk or by writing to Avion Thematics, PO Box 99, Eastwood, Notts NG16 5QN. England.