`Centenary Mission 1906 – 2006`

A set of 3 stamps were issued as a se-tenant in a horizontal format on April 3. 2006 to commemorate the `Centenary Mission 1906 – 2006` of the Brazilian Space Agency. The stamp designer was Alan Magalhaes. `Mission Centenary` was the result of an agreement between the Brazilian Space Agency and Roscosmos of Russia on …

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International Year of Astronomy

Israel issued a series of stamps for the International Year of Astronomy. They were issued April 22. 2009 and they were issued in sheets of 12 stamps with 4 tabs. They also featured decorated sheet margins. The three stamps featuring the Jacob`s Staff-Gersonides, Gravitational Lensing from the Hubble Space Telescope and the Laser Interferometer Space …

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Russia 2007

Russia 2007. Space Exploration 50th Anniversary