`Centenary Mission 1906 – 2006`

A set of 3 stamps were issued as a se-tenant in a horizontal format on April 3. 2006 to commemorate the `Centenary Mission 1906 – 2006` of the Brazilian Space Agency. The stamp designer was Alan Magalhaes. `Mission Centenary` was the result of an agreement between the Brazilian Space Agency and Roscosmos of Russia on October 18. 2005. This treaty would see the first Brazilian in space, Lt. Col. Marcos Pontes. The name of the mission was a reference to the commemoration of the centenary of the first crewed flight of a Brazilian designed aircraft, the `Santo-Dumont 14-bis` in Paris on October 23. 1906. Pontes was launched aboard the Soyuz TMA-8 mission on March 30. 2006 and he made a 9 day 21 hour spaceflight.
The stamps show the `Santo-Dumont 14-bis` aircraft, a Soyuz spacecraft with its launch and the International Space Station with Pontes`s mission emblem. The colours of the Brazilian flag shows the journey taken.

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