Dumitru Prunariu

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The First Romanian Cosmonaut: Dumitru Prunariu on Soyuz 40


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by Grecu Dan

Docking May 15th, and space station work until May 21st 1981

1. Slogan cancel Brasov 15.5.81 “Flight of 1. Romanian Cosmonaut D. Prunariu Son of Brasovs”, showing: Portrait Prunariu. Commemorative Cover.

2. Special postmarker Bucuresti 15.5.81 “Cosmonaut-Researcher Roman D. Prunariu in space”, showing: Soyuz 40. Commemorative Cover.

postmark3. Slogan cancel Ploiesti 15.5.81 “First Roman in Space”. Illustration: Cosmonaut, Intercosmos logo.

4. Slogan cancel Satu Mare 11.—17.5.81 “1. Romanian Cosmonaut in space”, showing Soyuz, Orbit.

postmark5. Slogan cancel Zalau 15.—21.5.81 “Salaj (Romanian district) salutes 1. Romanian Cosmonaut”, showing: Intercosmos logo, allegoric illustration

6. Special postmarker Bucuresti 21.5.81 “Romanian Cosmonaut-Researcher D. Prunariu in space”, showing: complex Soyuz.

Landing May 22nd 1981

Postmark1. Special postmarker Bacau 15 and 22.5.81: “1. Joint Roman-Soviet Space Mission”, showing: Prunariu, Intercosmos-logo. Two handstamp devices in different size.



postmark2. Slogan cancel Ploiesti 23.5.81 “Welcome on Earth Erde Prunariu D. 1. Romanian Cosmonaut. Illustration: Prunariu, Intercosmos logo. Two different stamp devices.



postmark3. Special postmarker Bucuresti 22.5.81 “Return to Earth – Romanian-Soviet crew Soyuz 40″, showing: globe, Soyuz. Used in red and black. Commemorative Cover.

4. Special postmarker Bucuresti 22.5.81 “AFR Branch Bukarest Philatelic Association CCA May, 14th First Romanian Cosmonaut May 22nd, Welcome on Earth”, showing: Prunariu.

postmark5. Slogan cancel Satu Mare 23.-25.5.81 “Successful end of program and space mission USSR-S.R. Romania”, showing: Logo of Intercosmos-missions.


Postmarkers on the occasion of Prunarius visits in Romanian cities:

Postmark1. Slogan cancel Constanta 11.6.81 “Welcome at the Romanian coast Romanian Cosmonaut-Researcher D. Prunariu and soviet Cosmonaut-Pilot Leonid Popov”.

2. Special postmarker Deveselu 21.6.81 “Stamp Exhibition AVIA 81 1. Romanian Cosmonaut”; showing complex Soyuz-Salyout. Red postmarker. Commemorative cover.

3. Slogan cancel Medias 27.9.81 “Honours the first Romanian Cosmonaut Dumitru Prunariu”, showing: Prunariu, globe. Used in black and blue. Commemorative cover (for Stamp Exhibition Cosmofila).

postmark4. Combined postmarker(= ordinary handstamp plus commemorative cliché but used on two different devices) Medias 27.9.81 “We welcome First Romanian Cosmonaut”, showing: Cosmonaut.


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