Dumitru Prunariu

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The First Romanian Cosmonaut: Dumitru Prunariu on Soyuz 40


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by Grecu Dan

Postmarkers on the occasion of Prunarius visits in Romanian cities:

5. Special postmarker Baia Mare 30.10.81 “Welcome at Maramures (Romanian district) First Romanian Cosmonaut Dumitru S. Prunariu, showing: Portrait Prunariu.

6. Combined postmarker Baia Mare 30.—31.1O.81 “Visit of First Romanian Cosmonaut at Maramures”.

postmark7. Slogan cancel Boboc 19.11.81 “Welcome at Aviation Academy 1. Romanian Cosmonaut Cdr.-Eng. D. Prunariu”, showing: Prunariu, Salyout-Soyuz.


8. Slogan cancel Botosani 25.11.81 “Welcome 1. Romanian Cosmonaut Prunariu at Botosani”. Illustration: Prunariu. Commemorative cover.

postmark9. Slogan cancel Satu Mare 24.-26.1.82 “First Romanian Cosmonaut in the surroundings of Satu Mare”, showing: complex Salyout-Soyuz.


postmark10. Combined postmarker Pucioasa 4.6.82 “Welcome First Romanian Cosmonaut. National Aircraft Model competition ‘H. Coanda’ Pucioasa 4-6 Juni 1982″. Commemorative cover.


Summary of the anniversary postmarkers:

postmark1. Anniversary: Medias 14.5.82 (2 postmarkers, commemorative covers). Illustration 16a + b; Bucuresti 22.5.82; Otopeni 22.5.82 (Combined postmarker).


2. Anniversary:postmarkpostmark

Cluj Napoca 14.5.86.

Iasi 14.5.82.

Tirgu-Mures 14.5.82.postmark

Ploiesti 14.5.82.

Satu-Mare 15.-16.5.86.

Resita 14.5.82.

Botosani 22.5.86.postmark

Bucuresti 22.5.86.



Cosmic Mail:

On covers flown to Space Station Salyout 6, the following postmarkers can be appearing:

1. Romanian postmarker “Baikonur Cosmodrome May 1981”. Colours: black, red, purple. Applied on the ground before launch.

2. Pentagonal bold cancel “On Board Space Station Salyout 6”.

3. Bold cancel “Fifth Main Expedition V. Kovalyonok V. Savinykh On Board Space Station Salyout 6″.

4. Bold cancel with changeable date: “Cosmic Mail Soyuz Salyout 6”. Most of these are dated May 18th, 1981.

Grecu Dan would be pleased to be of assistance providing these and other Romanian postmarkers. His address: Grecu Dan, C.P. 103, R-2700 Deva, Romani – or e-mail us.


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