Gemini 3

The Stamps and Patches of Gemini 3


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Flight: Gemini 3

23 March 1965

4 h 52min 51s

Virgil Grissom

John Young

Objective: Demonstrate manned orbital flight; evaluate two-man design. Demonstrate and evaluate tracking network. Demonstrate OAMS capability in orbital manoeuvres and in retrofire backup. Demonstrate controlled re-entry and landing. Evaluate major spacecraft subsystems. Demonstrate systems checkout, prelaunch, and launch procedures. Demonstrate and evaluate recovery procedures and systems. Secondary objectives included: Evaluate flight crew equipment, biomedical instrumentation, and personal hygiene system. Perform 3 experiments. Evaluate low-level longitudinal oscillations (Pogo) of the GLV.

Highlights: First manned launch of the Gemini program, all primary objectives were achieved except the controlled re-entry objective was only partially achieved. Secondary objectives were only partially achieved. The personal hygiene system was only partially tested, Operating mechanism failed on S-2 – Synergistic Effect of Zero Gravity on Sea Urchin Eggs Experiment and the photographic coverage objective was only partially successful because of an improper lens setting on the 16mm camera.

Stamps of Gemini 3

With the launch of the Gemini 3 things were very quiet on the stamp front, with only four countries issuing stamps in 1965. This did increase with one extra country issuing a stamp for Gemini 3 in 1966.

Czechoslovakia 1965 (SG 1483 / 1483)

Guinea 1965 (SG m/s 499 / m/s 517)

Poland 1966 (SG 1710)

Rumania 1965 (SG 3299)

Yemen Arab Republic 1965 (SG 349-51 / 354 / m/s 355)

Yemen Arab Republic 1966 (SG 398-99 / 400 / 403 / m/s 404 / 419-21)














Gemini 3 Mission Patches

Like the previous missions, Gemini 3 did not have a patch. It did, however, have a logo, which was minted on gold plated sterling medallions. Like the Mercury flights, these medallions were made in small quantities, flown and given to the astronauts wives, children and other people close to the mission. Some time after the flight, John Young was seen wearing a ‘Molly Brown’ patch with the same design. Stories about the origins of this patch, or the reason why it was made up after the flight, are inconclusive.


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