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The Stamps and Patches of Gemini 4


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Flight: Gemini 4

3 June 1965

4 days 1 h 56 min 12s

James McDivitt

Edward White

Objective: Evaluate effects of prolonged space flight, demonstrate and evaluate performance of spacecraft and systems in 4-day flight, evaluate procedures for crew rest and work cycles, eating schedules, and real-time flight planning. Secondary objectives included: Demonstrate and evaluate EVA and control by use of HHMU and tether. Station keeping and rendezvous with second stage of GLV. Evaluate spacecraft systems. Make in-and-out-of plane manoeuvres. Further test OAMS retro backup capability.

Highlights: First Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) operation performed, all but one primary objectives were achieved. Computer controlled re-entry in the demonstration and evaluation of spacecraft systems objective was not flown because of inadvertent alteration of computer memory. All secondary objectives were met except one. The secondary objective of station keeping and rendezvous was only partially successful because separation and rendezvous was not attempted due to fuel consumption.

Stamps of Gemini 4

Only three countries issued stamps to celebrate the flight of Gemini 4 in 1965 and five in 1966. All of the countries celebrated Gemini’s flight on the anniversary of the flight or as a space achievements. Below is a list of the following countries that have issued stamps for Gemini 4. Also below are some of the stamps that were issued.

Ajman 1966 (SG 93-93 / m/s 94 / 95-97)

Antigua 1990 (SG 1401 / 1405)

Antigua and Barbuda 1990 (SG 1217 / 1221)

Ascension 1971 (SG 146)

Ascension 1975 (SG 194)

Bulgaria 1967 (SG 1751)

Burundi 1968 (SG 356 / 360)

Cameroon 1966 (SG 404)

Ghana 1967 (SG 481 – m/s 482)

Grenada 1989 (SG 2028)

Guyana 1994 (SG 4172)

Hungary 1966 (SG 2252)

Jordan 1965 (SG 692-97 / m/s 698)

Maldives Islands 1996 (SG 2501)

Mali 1966 (SG 118)

Marshall Islands 1989 (SG 266)

Micronesia 1989 (SG 128 / 130)

Moldova 1994 (SG 137)

Muscat and Oman 1969 (SG 109)

Nevis 1991 (SG 598)

Nicaragua 1967 (SG 1592-99)

Niger 1966 (SG 216)

St. Vincent 1994 (SG 2763)

Sierra Leone 1989 (SG 1255)

Tanzania 1989 (SG 680)

Togo 1965 (SG 439)

Togo 1966 (SG 465-66)

U.S.A. 1967 (SG 1311-12)

Yemen Kingdom 1965 (SG R121)

Gemini 4 Mission Patches

“The name we selected for the vehicle was American Eagle. Unfortunately, we were unable to use this, and we were known as Gemini IV. Ed and I used the American flag on our shoulders as our patch. This was the first time the American flag had been worn on a pressure suit and it has continued to be used there ever since. The original flags we had sewn on we purchased ourselves. Later on of course, NASA made this an integral part of the pressure suit”…………. James Divitt.






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