Julio Garavito Armero

Julio Garavito Armero (January 5. 1865 – March 11. 1920) was a Columbian mathematician and astronomer. In 1892 he was the Director of the National Astronomical Observatory. As an astronomer of the observatory, he undertook many scientific investigations such as calculating the latitude of Bogotá, studies about the comets which passed by the Earth between 1901 and 1910, such as Comet Halley and the 1916 solar eclipse which was seen in the majority of Colombia. Perhaps the most important were his studies about celestial mechanics, which finally turned into studies about lunar fluctuations and their influence on weather, floods and polar ice and the Earth orbital acceleration. A crater on the far side of the Moon is named Garavito after him.
To commemorate the 100th anniversary of his death Columbia issued a stamp on August 14. 2020. It featured Julio Garavito and the National Astronomical Observatory. It also highlights the Garavito crater on the Moon with its co-ordinates on the lunar far side.
Julio Garavito was also commemorated on the Columbia 20000 Pesos banknote in 2010. The obverse of the note shows the Garavito , the Moon and a reference to the Garavito Crater. The reverse shows a satellite view of the Earth as seen from the Moon with the lunar surface along the bottom of the banknote.
It was the second stamp issued to commemorate Garavito, the first being issued on April 24. 1949.