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Going down even further south, the small Austrian town Gmund in Lower Austria, near the Austria—Czech border, hosts one of the oldest philatelic clubs existing: Gmunder Weltraumfreunde already organized exhibitions and special postmark’s in the sixties. Usually once a year, a fine exhibition welcomes visitors from all over Europe. Fine printed stationary envelopes, Aerogramme and commemorative covers are a must for that club. Our Austrian friends publish a bulletin two or three times a year.


Gmunder Weltraumfreunde, Postfach 59, A 3950 Gmund/NO. Franz Voith chairs the club. Alois Vogimayr (Buchenstr. 11, A 4470 Enns,) edits the bulletin.


The Swiss astrophilatelists association “Gesellschaft der Weltall Philatelisten” is just like the country: very fine, very serious, very discrete, very high level. The chairman, Dr. Theo Dahinden, is one of Europe’s most honourable philatelists, specialised in Air Mail and Aviation besides his space interest. Once a year a bulletin — Space Phil News — is published in German language. Centre of the Swiss space stamp activities is Zurich, meetings take place 1st Monday of the month in Restaurant Krone Unterstrass, Schaffhauserstr. 1, CH 8006 Zurich.


Gesellschaft der Weltall—Philatelisten, Dr. Th. Dahinden, Seefeldstr. 7, CH 8008 Zurich, Switzerland


And when you cross the ocean, the Space Unit is definitely a must to meet. The nation wide club, world’s largest space philatelic club, hosts some 3000 members and was founded in November 1957, almost immediately after the first satellite in space, already. Astrophile, the bi—monthly bulletin (in English language, of course, or should I say, in American?) informs about background events, news and collectors’ topics and is an irreplaceable source for any collector who is interested in American spaceflight. Space Unit has various regional chapters that usually organize meetings on the occasion of stamp shows. An auction for members permits to purchase covers for very moderate prices. Collectors may present their most beautiful cover in a monthly column.


Space Unit,

a) President: Reuben A. Ramkissoon, M.D., 3011 White Oak Lane, Oak Brook, XL 60521.

b) Secretary Carmine Torrisi, P.O. Box 241, Maspeth, N.Y. 11378.

c) Astrophile Editor, David Chudwin M.D., 1407 Country Lane, Deerfield, IL 60015.

Besides this, there are of course other “networks” in many of these countries. Many aerospace firms have a stamp club; well known collectors live in almost any part of the northern European countries. Why not take the time to write to the chairmen of the respective clubs, asking for information and — in case you go somewhere — addresses of fellow collectors? Why not join one of these clubs to receive one more interesting bulletin in case you understand the language of that country — keeps you brushing up your language knowledge as well. Do not forget to include a international response coupon to get an answer -all these people are spending their private money to keep stamp collectors organized. I wish you fun and pleasure!

By Jurgen Peter Esders

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