Mercury 7

The Stamps and Patches of Mercury 7


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Mercury 7

Flight MR7 – Aurora 7

24 May 1962 

4 h. 56 min 5 s

Scott Carpenter

A fogbound lift-off heralded the beginning of a mission of mixed fortune for Navy Cdr Scott Carpenter. His mainly scientific task during the tree-orbit flight were well carried out but, unfortunately, later in the mission he became careless and distracted, wasting precious manoeuvring fuel needed to orientate the craft for the re-entry.

The retro fire was late and the re-entry was of much concern to the astronaut who landed 125 miles off target and was lost for 36 minutes until he was spotted sitting in his life raft.

Mercury 7 Stamps

The flight of Mercury 7 was not as popular as Mercury 6 with only seven countries issuing stamps. In 1962 only Hungary issued a stamp for the flight, all of the other countries celebrated the flight on the anniversary of the flight or as a space achievements. Below is a list of the following countries that have issued stamps for Mercury 6. Also below are some of the stamps that were issued.

Czechoslovakia 1964 (SG 1419)

Hungary 1962 (SG 1846)

Qatar 1966 (SG 136)

Ras al Khaima 1966 (SG 42)

Rumania 1964 (SG 3098 / 3108)

Kathiri State of Seiyun 1967 (SG 120 / 120a)

Uganda 1994 (SG 1359)





Mercury 7 Mission Patches

The logo – designed by Cece Bibby – shows the name Aurora in white, coloured circles (“Auroras” – in light blue, orange, yellow and red, with some white for contrast) and a coloured “7”. The Russians/Soviet Union made a big thing out of the name Aurora giving a lot of play in their papers (and internationally) about the fact that the first ship to fire a shot in their revolution against the Tsar was named Aurora.

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