Mercury 9

The Stamps and Patches of Mercury 9


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Mercury 9

Flight MR9 – Faith 7

15 May 1963 

1 Day 10 h.

19 min 49 s

Gordon Cooper

This was the final flight of the Mercury programme and the first to last over a day. It was flown by the youngest US astronaut at the time, Gordon Cooper, who performed admirably when he had to take manual control for re-entry due to a malfunction in the craft’s automatic control system.

Cooper also demonstrated man’s ability to see comparatively small objects on the Earth, from 160 miles up. This was due to the clearing effect of the atmosphere to an observer outside it. Cooper could see small log cabins in the Himalayas and the wakes of ships at sea. This was of particular interest to the military.

Mercury 9 Stamps

As with the flight of Mercury 7 only eight countries issued stamps for the Mercury 9 flight. Panama was the only country to issue a stamp for the flight in 1962, all of the other countries celebrated the flight on the anniversary of the flight or as a space achievements. Below is a list of the following countries that have issued stamps for Mercury 6. Also below are some of the stamps that were issued.

Czechoslovakia 1964 (SG 1422)

Panama 1963 (SG 793-94)

Panama 1964 (SG 870 / 872 / m/s 873)

Qatar 1966 (SG 139)

Ras al Khaima 1966 (SG 45)

Rumania 1964 (SG 3102 / 3112)

Kathiri State of Seiyun 1967 (SG 122)

Saint Vincent 1989 (SG 1235)

Uganda 1994 (SG 1361)


Mercury 9 Mission Patches

Cooper said: “When it came to naming my spacecraft, I felt a responsibility to find the right name. I knew that an awful lot of thought and symbolism had gone into the earlier names, and finally selected Faith 7 , which was painted on the side of the spacecraft. The name would symbolize my faith in the launch team, my faith in myself, and my faith in God. I selected the name Faith 7 to show my faith in my fellow workers, my faith in all the hardware so carefully tested, my faith in myself and my faith in God.

The Faith 7 logo was painted by McDonnell engineer B.R. Schuster.

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