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Your intrepid compiler has come across many interesting and odd things in his search through the catalogues etc – on your behalf, but this latest item to be discovered is the most mind boggling so far.

As you all know the Russians launched the first rocket in 1957 to put the first ‘satellite’ into orbit followed closely in early 1958 by the USA, but were they the first as the history books would have us believe?

Just think a small country being the first in space, beating the two super powers to it and making them the laughing stock of the World. Not possible I hear you say but just such a country did issue a stamp in mid 1957 showing a hither to unknown rocket launch.

Even more startling is the background design showing two of these rockets already in orbit, and although the event is cleverly disguised in the design of the stamp there are clear indications that Russia may not have launched the first space rocket after all.

Why have we not heard of it before?

Why has no one noticed it before?

Why do a lot of people disappear every year?

If you do not hear from me again please check with the KGB or CIA or if brave enough check RYUKTU sg58 and join me, after all they cannot lock us all up or can they?

Harvey Duncan

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