My Favourites Index

My Favourites Index


A stamp collection is a very personal thing, and for the joy of stamp collecting is putting something together over a period of years. You then find that a stamp or cover will stick out more than the others, and that’s when it becomes your favourite.

A Cover that made a round trip – I have many nice space covers in my collection, and even a few covers flown in space, but this one I obtained is certainly the most cherished amongst them.

My Favourite Cover – On 21st November 1987 a Progress supply space craft delivered 1,038 covers commemorating the 30th anniversary of Sputnik 1, together with a hand stamp for cancelling the covers aboard MIR.

Russian Space Mail – While American Space Mail has been well documented, Russian activity in this field has remained rather a mystery.

Favourite Cover – My favourite cover is a classic one; the USS Barbero letter, of June 8,1959. A scarce item, but a “jewel” in an exhibition.

When Men First went to the Moon – One of my favourite “Space stamps” is that issued by the U.S.A. on 5th May 1969, which featured the spectacular “Earthrise” photograph, together with the words “In the beginning God…”