`Centenary Mission 1906 – 2006`

A set of 3 stamps were issued as a se-tenant in a horizontal format on April 3. 2006 to commemorate the `Centenary Mission 1906 – 2006` of the Brazilian Space Agency. The stamp designer was Alan Magalhaes. `Mission Centenary` was the result of an agreement between the Brazilian Space Agency and Roscosmos of Russia on …

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International Year of Astronomy

Israel issued a series of stamps for the International Year of Astronomy. They were issued April 22. 2009 and they were issued in sheets of 12 stamps with 4 tabs. They also featured decorated sheet margins. The three stamps featuring the Jacob`s Staff-Gersonides, Gravitational Lensing from the Hubble Space Telescope and the Laser Interferometer Space …

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Russia 2007

Russia 2007. Space Exploration 50th Anniversary    

The official coat of arms

The official coat of arms of the mission of the Russian Prichal module for ISS. Baikonur cosmodrome, scheduled for November 24, 2021. ROSCOSMOS picture credit   “The general appearance of the emblem of the Prichal continues the main idea and symbols that have been used in such a chevron of the multipurpose laboratory module” Science …

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Patch for Dragon Crew 4

NASA crew patch for Crew Dragon Crew 4. This mission is scheduled for launch on April 15. 2022 using a brand new Crew Dragon capsule. Is the patch a hint that the new capsule may be called `Dragonfly`.